Movenpick Careers and Jobs in Dubai Required Hotel Staff

Must apply Movenpick recruitment and recruitment mandatory hotel staff in Dubai. Numerous opportunities are offered to talented and educated candidates for the following list, listed below. Candidates who are willing to have a better future by working in the hospitality industry and working with us will take steps to drop your resume. Please email your resume for the correct location while applying for a resume. However, unrelated resumes that do not match the job requirements are rejected.

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Hotel nameMoevenpick Hotel & Resort
Job locationUnited Arab Emirates
NationalitySelective (update)
educationEqual Degree / Diploma
experience1-3 years
Salary range1000 – 5000 AED /- (update)
Published date25 September 2019

Movenpick Careers Announces New Vacancy

More about Mo Wenpick Hotel & Resort

Movenpick is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland by Ueli Prager in 1973. Looking at the history of the owners, when the author of Movenpick opened his first restaurant in Switzerland with a large investment and began offering high quality food at affordable prices. Over time, the restaurant became famous and famous for its quality food and the diligent effort of the owner and his hardworking staff. He spent several days, months and years, then built his empire in the form of a hotel. In the end, he opened his first hotel, Movenpick.

Empty location list (New update)

One) Receptionistthree) Restaurant reservations
2) Reservation agentDone

How to Apply for Movenpick Jobs?

Please read each question carefully before proceeding to the support phase.

1) Have you ever worked in the hotel industry?
2) Did you graduate from high school or?
3) Do you have a positive attitude?
4) Do you think this is suitable for this job?

To your reply "Yes" I will be happy to review your CV. You can pass it by mentioning your name and location in the subject line. Yes (Amber-receptionist). Only the finalists will contact you.

Apply details about the Movenpick task

Email CV: [email protected]

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