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LAHORE: Several former test cricketers on Thursday gave a mixed response to the decision of the Pakistan Cricket Board to grant Misbah-ul-Haq the double role of head coach and lead coach of the national team.

The PCB appointed former Pakistan captain Misbah for the double role on Wednesday.

While batting legend Javed Miandad and former fast bowler Test Salim Altaf were not satisfied with the decision, the likes of former fast bowler Sarfraz Nawaz and former head coach Mohammad Ilyas supported the idea, as both advised to the critics who will wait for the results.

“Look, Misbah doesn't have high level training skills. However, if they wanted to benefit from their experience, they should first have been appointed as an assistant coach of a senior coach, to learn and be elevated. [later]"Said Miandad while talking to Dawn.

“In fact, Misbah should have been executive director or president of the PCB. He knows about cricket and, fortunately, he is also a literate person and such cricketers should have been in a high position as CEO or president, ”Miandad added.

Miandad also criticized the PCB for inducing foreigners at the top of the Board configuration.

"I don't like foreigners or dual citizens who run the cricket in Pakistan. Who will roast them in case of a disaster? Because they will flee after completing their term or in case of any major adversity.

"If he receives votes from Pakistanis to become prime minister, he has the responsibility of trusting Pakistanis, not foreigners," said Miandad, directing his criticism to Prime Minister Imran Khan, who is also a PCB sponsor.

When it was stressed that the PCB had taken the position that after giving the double role, Misbah would now be responsible for any failure of the national team, something that was not happening in the past, Miandad said: "The PCB has designated Misbah as three years However, in case of failure even in the T20 World Cup next year, would you fire him? Is there any such clause included in the agreement?

“For me, those responsible should be those who designate a person. In fact, in case of failure, the appointing authority must be [held] responsible, "he argued.

Miandad, also a former national team coach, urged the PCB to appoint former experienced cricketers as president of the district and provincial cricket bodies, noting that they were the best at handling cricket issues.

When giving his point of view on Misbah's new role, Salim Altaf felt that it was not fair to give a person double responsibility, as he described it as counterproductive.

“The selection committee should be an independent body. It is not necessary that if this system is working in New Zealand, it will also work in Pakistan, since almost no other cricket table works this way, "Salim told Dawn.

When reminded that the PCB believes that now at least one person would be responsible in case of failure, Salim said: “If the team does not do well, will it fire Misbah? How will this movement be possible since you have given him a three-year contract?

“You have to play two tests against Australia next year and, in case of some poor performance, will the PCB fire Misbah? And if not, where will the issue of responsibility go? ", He asked himself.

Salim also lashed out at the new domestic PCB structure, saying it was wrong for the Board to follow the Australian model for domestic cricket: moving from 16 regional and departmental teams to only six provincial teams.

“If you follow Australian cricket, we should not ignore the fact that they have a strong internal system based on school and club cricket. While our school and cricket club are weak, "he said.

“There are four levels in Australian club cricket and only after going through these four stages is a cricket player chosen in the second XI of a state team. In this way, a cricket player comes out nationwide through a very strong system of clubs and schools run by the state. "

While commenting on Misbah's appointment, Sarfraz said the former Pakistan captain would at least be responsible for any defeat, which was not the practice in the past.

“It is a new experience and we must wait for its results. It is premature to reject him with a single blow, ”Sarfraz told Dawn from London.

"In the past, the head coach and the head coach would begin to blame the game in case the team failed and in that scenario it was not possible to determine who was really responsible." It is now a test of Misbah's nerves and, of course, it is not an easy job to face a lot of criticism, "Sarfraz said.

"Obviously, Misbah now needs the full support of high-performance PCBs in difficult times that he will probably have to face amid great pressure from power centers to select certain cricket players. [in the team]"Sarfraz said.

Supporting the views of Sarfraz, former test cricketer and head coach Ilyas said he would let Misbah play first in his new role.

“When, on my recommendation, the president of PCB, Ijaz Butt, appointed Misbah as captain of Pakistan, several former cricketers opposed the measure. However, Misbah justified his selection as captain, "said Ilyas.

"Misbah has strong nerves and I hope he will face all kinds of pressure with a heart to deliver again," he said.

Posted in Dawn, September 6, 2019

Source: https://www.dawn.com/news/1503798/mixed-response-from-ex-cricketers-on-dual-role-given-to-misbah


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