Minister unveils plans to launch eco-friendly bike, rickshaws – Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The Minister of Science and Technology plans to introduce motorcycles and environmentally friendly rickshaws, which will run on rechargeable batteries, in the country.

During a visit to Pakistan's Energy and Renewable Technologies Council on Saturday, Minister of Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry rode a motorcycle that runs on batteries and a rickshaw. Electronic vehicles, according to the minister, would help conserve energy and protect the environment.

Chaudhry said battery-powered vehicles, which were the future of transport, would revolutionize transport in Pakistan, one of the leading users of motorcycles and rickshaws.

He elaborated on the government's goal of converting transportation into electronic technology, ultimately reducing oil dependence.

"The use of electronic vehicles will reduce carbon emissions in the environment," the minister said.

Chaudhry also announced the launch of a bottled water brand produced by his ministry that would initially be supplied to government offices.

According to the minister, bottled water called Safe Drinking Water would be a cheaper alternative than other brands of mineral water in the market.

In early July, the Pakistan Water Resources Research Council (PCRWR) told a parliamentary committee that all bottled water companies operating in Pakistan were selling "artificial" water instead of natural water.

The PCRWR, a leading research organization that works under the Ministry of Science and Technology, said other countries did not allow bottled water companies to sell "artificial" water to their people.

With the experiment of introducing cheaper and safer drinking water, Chaudhry hoped that his ministry would soon launch a project that would solve the problem of drinking water in the country.

He said the introduction of cheaper bottled water was in line with the government's austerity drive.

Posted on Dawn, September 1, 2019



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