Messi pours cold water to transfer rumors while making daring request to his bosses :: Live Soccer TV

Argentinian Ace was involved in speculation about his future due to the cause of the contract.

The report, released earlier this week, was the fuel fan needed to question Lionel Messi's loyalty to Barcelona. Today Argentine Ace spread rumors that he would leave the club, but he had the opportunity to send a strong message to his employer.

Messi acknowledged the provisions of the contract in an interview with the Catalan newspaper Sport, but it is never beyond his mind to let Los Culés join another club.

"The provision and the amount I can get is meaningless. Barcelona is my home and I want to stay, but the most important thing is to participate in a successful project." Messi said.

The football player also acknowledged that winning the UEFA Champions League was his top priority.

Messi said, “It took a long time since the final UEFA Champions League win and I want to win again, but I won't give up on La Liga to win the Champions League.”

The football player then paid attention to Neymar's failure to move to Barcelona and raised legitimate suspicions in recognition of the difficulty of such movements.

Argentina wished Neymar returned. Honestly, I don't know if Bakah did everything to get him back, but negotiating with PSG is never easy. ”

The football player said he was talking to Neymar when negotiations were between Los Cleres and Les Parisien.

"I don't know what happened on the board. I know what I've been talking to Ney. He said things are going well. He's really looking forward to coming back here." But as far as I know, Ney was dying to come back, ”Messi added.

Finally, Messi talked about his relationship with Antoine Grizzman. Experts did not enjoy the best relationship of the duo, but the player stepped up to clarify such claims.

"I haven't got a chance to meet him. He's been training away from the team because he's been injured since he arrived here. We'll have a chance to share some," Messi concluded. .

The football player excluded himself from the match against Valencia on Saturday, as he did not recover calf injuries from his first training session before the start of the season.


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