Meet Humaira Farrukh – the first woman cricket umpire from Pakistan

LAHORE – Pakistan's first female referee, Humaira Farrukh, is confident that she will make a big name for the country, telling Aleem Dar that he wants to imitate it in the future.

After over 170 games at different levels, Huma was convinced that he would name him big and inspire other referees.

“Imulate Aleem Dar and look for Ahsan Raza. The more women's competitions that are currently on the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), the more female referees will emerge, ”she said in a statement.

PCB collaborated to promote the game and influenced the results this year. After beating the West Indies for the first time in the ODI series, the green woman squared the ODI series about South Africa in her backyard.

Humaira has a wealth of experience in enjoying and managing sports. She represented the national hockey team and worked as a sports manager for the last 28 years.

He is currently sports director at Lahore Garrison University and holds a Ph.D. in sports science.

“In 2005, when I heard that the PCB was installing the female wings, I decided to seek the referee. I started my referee career by participating in PCB Panel I and II referee courses. I am proud to be the first female referee in the country and eight female referees have since appeared. ”

“Women reluctantly convinced of the opportunity, but through the efforts of the PCB, women's cricket has gained national popularity and there are more opportunities than ever before.

Gradually we will see more women participating in the battle, which will help to raise the standard. ”

Humaira, the only person in his family to have a career in sports, said he owes his mother his success. She previously restricted women's sports to college and college levels. But in recent years women's sports, especially cricket, have become pros and PCBs have played an important role in that. ”

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