Marchers stopped before LoC

MUZAFFARABAD: Strong police contingents launched tear gas shells to disperse thousands of charged protesters, determined to march to a crossing point along the Control Line (LoC) in the Poonch district of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) on Saturday, affecting about 20 people, witnesses and hospital sources said.

The scene of the confrontation was the Dawarandi village in the Hajira subdivision, where police had established barricades and barbed wire to prevent participants from a "Long March of Azadi" under the auspices of Sardar Mohammad Saghir, a faction led by the Front of Liberation Jammu Kashmir led by Sardar Mohammad Saghir. (JKLF).

Based in Rawalakot, Saghir was president of the JKLF faction led by Amanullah Khan until his merger with the faction led by Yasin Malik in 2011. Due to some alleged reservations about the merger, he had launched his own faction of the independence organization. .

About a week ago, he had called the long march from Rawalakot to Tetrinote, a town famous for a crossing point through the LoC, and a dharna "for an indefinite period" there, to condemn the movement of India on 5 August, scrapping held The special state of Kashmir, the imposition of curfew, blocking communication and other repressive measures in the territory.

Another purpose of the march, according to him, was to condemn the relentless violations of the ceasefire throughout the LoC, which "disturbed daily life and caused frequent civilian casualties on both sides."

Posted on Dawn, September 8, 2019



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