Mangla power generation resumes after being affected – Pakistan

LAHORE: The Water and Energy Development Authority (Wapda) suspended power generation for a couple of hours in Mangla after Tuesday's earthquake that shook the country's largest dam, but decided to resume supply after concluding it was safe. do what.

Power generation in Mangla resumed at 7.20 p.m., restoring 700MW to the national grid and easing fears of a peak in load shedding.

On the other hand, the Punjab irrigation department closed the Upper Jhelum canal as a precautionary measure to avoid damage from aftershocks.

"Tuesday's earthquake left us with no choice but to immediately stop the power generation operation in the 10 turbines (each 100MW). We did it taking into account the appearance of sediments and sediments in the water that cannot be used to power generation, "said the retired president of Wapda, Lieutenant General Muzammil Hussain. Dawn.

Upper Jhelum channel closed to avoid any damage due to expected replicas

He said the silt begins to move rapidly during an "earthquake-like situation", causing the water to become cloudy. The use of cloudy water can be devastating for power generating turbines. Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly verify the behavior, filtration and sediments in the reservoir before resuming power generation.

"Therefore, it was necessary to wait until the sediments began to settle," Hussain said.

Meanwhile, a Wapda spokesman said after the suspension of power generation that there was no damage to the Mangla reservoir and power station, adding that the 10 turbines were closed only as a precaution. “The power generation in Mangla has been closed as a precaution since the operation cannot continue due to cloudy water. As soon as the water seems clean, the power generation will restart, ”he explained.

The first two units (turbines) of the Mangla station were put into service in August 1967, followed by the third in March 1968, the fourth in June 1969, the fifth in December 1973, the sixth in March 1974, the seventh and eighth in 1981, the ninth in September 1993 and the tenth in July 1994.

Mangla has a capacity to generate 1,150MW _ 150MW above its nominal capacity of 1,000MW _ during the period of highest level of the reservoir, while the capacity is reduced to 496MW in the period of poor flow (winter season) due to the reduction in the water level of the reservoir.

Instructions for train drivers Pakistan Railways has instructed its drivers to observe slow speed while passing through Jhelum, Dina and Kharian.

"The teams have been designated to verify the status of the main line, especially between Lahore and Rawalpindi, and submit a report to the department in question," an official source said.

Posted in Dawn, September 25, 2019



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