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The Punjab Officials Committee (PPSC) announced 301 new vacancies in Punjab on September 17, 2019. District officers and chief officers Punjab local government development department is empty.

Also, according to the Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC), the vacancies announced in this job advertisement are: District officers and chief officers Local government and community development departments are empty in Punjab.

lately Jobs at PPSC 2019 From local government and community development departments.
Both men and women can apply for this vacancy. The last date to apply for a job is 02-10-2019.
Every day on September 17, 2019, Jan Lahore made the same announcement in a 31/2019 advertisement.
Jobs at PPSC 2019 The post details are as follows:

Default pay scale vacancies name

  1. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) / Duty Chief Officer / Policy Director (Regulation) / DMO (Regulation) / District Officer (MR) / Director, BPS-18 13 Posts
  2. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) / Municipal Officer (Regulation) / DMO (Regulation) / District Officer (City Regulation) / Administrator / Deputy Director, BPS-17 102 Posts
  3. Municipal coffin (Financial) BPS-16 29 posts
    Branch (Finance) / DMO (Finance) / District Executive (Finance) / Director, BPS-18 04 Posts
  4. Municipal Officer (Finance) / DMO (Financial / AMO / BPS-17 Deputy Director 38 posts)
    District Officers (architecture) / Municipal Officers (architecture) / DMO (architecture) / Director (architecture) BPS-18 06 Posts
  5. District officers (Architecture) / municipal administration (architecture) / DMO (architecture) / AMO (architecture) BPS-17 10 posts
  6. District officers (Plan) / Municipal Officer (Plan) / DMO (Plan) / Director (Town Plan) BPS-18 05 Post
  7. Municipal coffin (Infrastructure) / (Service) / DMO (Infrastructure) / AMO / Assistant Director (I & S) / Assistant Engineer (Building), BPS-17 84 posts
  8. District officers (I & S) / Branch (Infrastructure) / (Service) / DMO (Infrastructure) / Director SWM / Directors (I & S) BPS-18 10 Posts

Online application (non-online application is not allowed)
Local Government and Community Development Department
gender : Male, female and transgender
Bream Calle: Punjab
Posted place: Somewhere in punjab

How to Apply for a PPSC Job 2019 and Important Guidelines for Candidates

1.Only Original Valid CNIC issued by NADRA will be accepted to appear in the test / interview. No other identifying document is allowed.
2. Applicants should read all terms and conditions / instructions and “Important guidelines” of advertising.
The test taker provided on the PPSC website to submit an online application is perfect in every way. Candidates are solely responsible for the accuracy of the data provided on the online application form.
3. Applicants are required to submit their "online application" by February 10, 2019-12:00 am by the deadline.
4. By the deadline, the candidate has the option to edit all the data in the online application.
Submit your application online.
5. You must make negative marks for negative answers and deduct 0.25 marks from all goal (MCQ) papers.
6. Opportunities to fill out all posts through a written examination and fill them with interviews or interviews only are: a.
Three. However, if the candidate is eligible for an interview but cannot make an appointment due to lack of vacancies
Candidates who do not qualify for a written test or interview
It is considered to be provided. For Ministry of Education Instructors who are candidates for more than one subject
According to the policy set out above, three opportunities are allowed for each subject that can be a candidate.
7. If the candidate claims the experience of a private company / organization,
Your application is denied because you are registered with the SECP, registrar registrar or other regulatory body.
8. Candidates must apply for departmental permission immediately after applying for a particular post.
Provide the department's certificate / NOC and department authorization certificate / NOC at the interview
(If you call).
9. Immediately after applying for a particular post advertised by PPSC, candidates will verify that they have obtained or applied for registration.
About registration certificate of PEC / PNC / PMDC / PVMC or other related organizations before the deadline
Interview time (if called).
10. Candidates must provide a score / total score earned at the time of acquisition or a percentage certificate for all degrees.
interview. CGPA is not allowed.
11. Applicant must deposit. 600 Head: “C02101- State Exam Fees Organization Reaffirmed by Punjab Public Service Commission”, Pakistan State Bank or
Pakistan or Government Treasury on or before the deadline.
12.PPSC Helpline: Lahore: 042-99202762, 99200161, 99200162, Rawalpindi: 051-5158095, Faisalabad: 041-9330713,
Sargoda: 048-3252802, Multan: 061-9330354, Bajawalpur: 062-2881182, D.G. Cells: 064-9260410


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