Lives and businesses of occupied Kashmir’s residents aren’t safe, says Qureshi – World

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said on Sunday that he "wished" that the Indian government should take responsibility for protecting Muslims in occupied Kashmir, whose businesses and lives are no longer safe.

At a press conference in Karachi, Qureshi said: "We want to assure each community in Pakistan, whether Hindu, Sikh or Christian, that the protection of their lives and property is the responsibility of the government.

"We want to give a clear message that this is our belief and we want to tell the world that we want these principles to also be observed in occupied Kashmir, where the sanctity of our daughters is not safe. Where the Muslim businesses have been detained for the last 28 days, where young men are being picked up [by Indian forces] and tortured; where innocent and unarmed people are subject to revenge. "

He added: "This is the belief of a country that believed in democratic principles. [This is] The reflection of a country that now has a fascist mentality.

"This is a comparative analysis that I want to present to the world."

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Qureshi was addressing the ongoing tensions in Kashmir occupied by India, which have been high since New Delhi stripped the region of its special status last month. The Indian government had imposed a strict blockade and blackout of communications in occupied Kashmir just before it repealed Article 370 of the Constitution on August 5. Additional troops were placed in the region, which is already heavily militarized, and Kashmir leaders were placed under house arrest.

Communications blockage and blackout remain in effect after four weeks.

The Foreign Minister, in his conversation with journalists today, said Prime Minister Imran Khan had fulfilled his promise to act as the "ambassador" of the Kashmir people and highlighted his plight by addressing the 56th Society Convention Islamic of North America (ISNA) that took place on Sunday.

A day earlier, while addressing members of the Hindu community at the Shiv Temple in Umerkot, Qureshi had said that the meeting of non-Muslims in solidarity with his Kashmir brothers made a stark contrast to the dystopian vision of the Modi government.

"This public meeting is not of a political nature, but it has given a clear message to the Modi fascist government that the Hindus and other non-Muslims in Pakistan express their solidarity with the cashmere," Qureshi said in rejecting media reports that Pakistan was trying to negotiate with India.

In an interview with BBCQureshi had said that Pakistan had never opposed holding talks about Kashmir, but with the curfew in Kashmir controlled by India, the people fighting for their lives, the rampant incidents of group rape and detention, I didn't see India interested in dialogue.



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