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Libratone provided the AirPods, which Apple does not offer, with better sound and noise canceling.

The Danish audio company Track Air + is a true wireless earbud for a price of 179 pounds, following a familiar earbud design with stalking but no cables.

Unlike most AirPod-like products, Track Air + actually looks different. The triangular-shaped metal stem looks like an earring mounted on a pill-shaped lump with an eartip that protrudes almost at one end. You won't be confused with Apple Earbuds even in white. That's a good thing.

The simple and attractive design is subtle enough to be inconspicuous to the ear, but different enough to look attractive especially in black and silver.

The mass, which contains most of the work, fits beautifully in the canyon of the ear. The earbud tip has a slot in a safe and comfortable position under the ear canal with a slight twist. Even the stems fit well in the gap between the lobes and the tragus. At 5.6 g, each earbud was small, light and did not think it would not fall once.

Everyone's ears are different, but Track Air + is one of the most comfortable earbuds of any size or shape I've worn.

Tiny case for wireless charging

Libratone Track Air + Review

The case can be super-pocketed, but it can also be easily displayed by squeezing in and out of the jeans money pocket Samuel Gibbs / The Guardian

Track Air + magnetically connects to the best charging case in your business. Small enough to fit in a pair of jeans' money pockets, it's one of the true wireless earbuds that can be used with the Samsung Galaxy Bud and Apple's AirPods.

The case is charged via USB-C or wireless charging, which is convenient and charges the earbuds up to three times. Track Air + was shy for 6 hours with noise canceling enabled, and it could play for about 24 hours with trips.

The only problem with this case is that while the lid is tightly closed with a magnet, the hinge is slightly fragile, requires some care in handling and the plastic body is easily marked.

Connection and control

Libratone Track Air + Review

The Chrome Libraton logo on the stem is subtle when worn but shows where it should be tapped to activate the controls. Samuel Gibbs / The Guardian

Track Air + supports Bluetooth 5.0 and can be used separately. It also supports the standard Bluetooth audio formats SBC and Qualcomm's high quality aptX, but strangely it doesn't support AAC. This is not a problem for Android and Windows users, but Apple devices do not support aptX because aptX is built into both. AAC is the highest quality supported Bluetooth audio codec. Track Air + is basically SBC.

Most don't notice, but because of the longer latency of SBC, Track Air + has noticeable delays in audio in iOS games than iOS. Lipsync issues were minimized in all major video apps on Android, and a slight delay was noticeable on YouTube on iPhone.

Even in the most demanding situations, connectivity with most phones, including the OnePlus 7 Pro and iPhone XS, was solid. A momentary slip was seen with the Google Pixel 3XL exiting the London Underground from Liverpool Street.

One of Libratone's weaknesses is onboard control. Double tap the earbuds to do one of the following: Enables play / pause, toggles noise reduction mode, skips tracks forward, or calls voice guidance. I've set the left bird to skip the track and the right bird to pause, but there's no volume control, so it's a cell phone trip to turn the music up or down.

Removing both earbuds pauses the music and reinserts it to resume the music. Pressing the button on the case puts the bud into pairing mode and the Libratone app handles the settings. You can also check your earbuds battery and case in the app.

Noise reduction and sound

Libratone Track Air + Review

The bottom of the stalk hides the contacts for charging and the black point is the in-ear sensor. Samuel Gibbs / The Guardian

One of the best beats is that the track air + sound is comparable to a true wireless earbud with better sound with great bass and clarity, while the Sony WF-1000XM3's size is a bit less. Feed them aggressive rocks or electronica and get plenty of rewards. But they handle most genres well.

The basic EQ lets you switch between neutral, extra bass, or enhanced high-pitched profiles, which sound leftmost in neutral. Available in four sizes in a box, silicone earbud tips are effective at blocking out noise, but Track Air + has a built-in noise canceling feature. It's not as effective as Sony distributed. The new Top Earbuds or Bose handled the plane engine's drones well and scratched even the most commuting noises.

You can use the Libratone app on your phone to adjust the noise reduction to 30 levels manually or automatically, depending on your environment. In the midrange, where the noise reduction reached its maximum, the earbuds sounded a bit less, but it seemed worth it in a noisy environment.

Track Air + struggled with wind noise with noise reduction enabled. The ambient monitoring mode is great and sounds natural enough to hold the conversation very easily. I mainly used it to listen to the presentation.

The call quality was pretty good, too, and the recipients said it sounded fairly clear with just a little loud background noise.


Libratone Track Air + Review

Track Air + uses a choice of four sizes in the box, using standard silicone ear tips that are very well isolated from noise. Samuel Gibbs / The Guardian
  • Track Air + doesn't sweat (IPX4), so it's perfect for running or gym.

  • The angle of the stem can collide with the larger earrings.

  • Inside the case there is an LED indicating charging, but the lid must be opened.

  • If your phone has Bluetooth 5.0, pair the left earbud and the right earbud will immediately request automatic pairing so you can use it independently.

  • You can only connect to one device at a time, but you can pair multiple devices.


The Libratone Track Air + is priced at £ 179 in white or black.

For comparison, Apple's AirPods cost £ 159 or £ 199 with a wireless charging case, £ 220 for Sony's WF-1000XM3, £ 280 for Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless, £ 300 for B & O E8 2.0, and £ 279 for Master & Dynamic MW07. .


Libratone Track Air + is one of the best wireless earbuds available today. It's an almost isolated noise canceling AirPods that Apple doesn't offer.

They have a stem design but are attractive and do not look like AirPod clones. They are one of the most comfortable earbuds I have ever worn. It's small and light, so you can forget to go in, but keep out the noise. This case is one of the best in business. You can carry it in your pocket with USB-C and wireless charging, and check the battery level in the app.

With aptX for Android and Windows, connectivity was very solid on both phones and tablets. The sound quality was really good and I was ashamed of the best wireless earbuds available. And they have very effective noise reduction.

They're not perfect, but the only negative point is the lack of volume control on the earbuds and the lack of AAC support, which is a very small issue for iOS users.

It's cheap at 179 pounds, but Apple's AirPods, which cost 20 pounds for wireless charging cases and 40 pounds for Sony's WF-1000XM3, have dropped to around 40 pounds.

If you want a truly cordless earbud with a great fit that lasts long and puts in a great pocket, Libratone Track Air + checks every box and removes noise like a cherry on top.

Advantages : Excellent sound, noise canceling, extremely comfortable and clear case, aptX and Bluetooth 5, long battery life, solid connectivity, small and attractive features.

Disadvantages : No AAC support, no bud volume control, wind noise issues, noise reduction is not the best.

Libratone Track Air + Review

You can easily charge the battery using wireless charging from the USB-C port on the back of the case or from the bottom. Samuel Gibbs / The Guardian

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