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It occurs every time. I know it, I do not blame it. It happened a little too often except for me and now I'm practicing in my late 40's and I can't think terrible every time I announce that my friend is pregnant. friendship."

I am a woman without children by choice. Great career, great husband, many international vacations. I am satisfied with my life. But it became an inevitable fact that friendship changes every time one of my girlfriends has a baby. I understand that my friend's life has changed. I also enjoy spending time with my children as their favorite aunts and watching them grow. But what about me? How is our friendship?

I am your caring and dedicated friend. I remember my favorite food to ask about the health of my father who changed your life in high school. I did not always expect to be your priority. But it will be a pleasure and comfort to feel like I'm your priority at times.

A few years ago, a friend announced that she got closer to me and I blurted. Maybe we will be able to spend the night together! ”Without stopping to consider the option she said“ I am a mom now! ”Her tone was clear.

The person I consider to be my best friend only responds to the invitation with different dates and plans, and for the night I know that I have a duty of standing. It always breaks my heart as much as my friend fills my heart to know that she is happy with the children she wants.

I wonder if my friends would like to reestablish our connection when the children leave home. I wonder why I can't find a babysitter once a year or leave my children with a partner so they can talk and drink good wine on their patio without throwing pebbles into a neighboring garden.

But what I'm curious about is how can I say these words to them. As a woman without children, I have to “understand” that a relationship changes, which means a relationship that always gets sad.

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