Letter to stepfather… Life and style

I Remember when I first met you, I wanted to hate you. You stole your mom from your dad. I believed at least 10 years old. I was wrong But someone did not learn that he could not steal the affection of others. They decide to go. But I could not hate you. You were kind to us. You made your mom smile like I've never seen. Let us have the pudding we want

You ended up with three pritins that you never asked for, and for years we have been hard. But you took it to your stride. You never called you Dad, nor did you demand to love you. But it was inevitable. You were important. It is important.

Didn't have to deal with us like you did. You might have closed the door and said, "It's not my problem." You learned why you took the time to open the door and make each of us happy, why you upset us, and why we giggled like five again. We weren't your problem, but I found a solution anyway.

One of the most vivid memories of childhood is to shop with you. Unquestionably let me enter the toy store. I went to the aisle with the toys I wanted. For an 11-year-old child, it cost me countless money. I looked at it and you saw "What color do you like?"


And you picked up the red one and handed it to me. I thought it would explode. You changed something to me that day and you probably did something you don't remember, but you won't forget that you were so kind and big to me.

I remember the day my sister was born, technically my sister, but nobody sees us that way. I'm sure it means you'll stop paying attention to us, but instead I met my best friend. You gave me my loved one and I will always owe you.

Now it's a complete circle. My sister is the same age as when I met you. She is going through all the struggles of puberty. But no one is more prepared than you. And we will help you if you want. I owe you at least more. You stood up and taught us what it's like to face a challenge. Thank you. I love you.

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