Landline phones back in occupied Kashmir but calls still not going through – World

The government in occupied Kashmir said the landline telephone service had been restored for a month in a near-total communications blackout and the security blockade was imposed, as the Hindu government led by Hindu nationalists stripped the cashmere of constitutional rights that they had for seven decades through a hasty presidential order. August 5.

On Thursday, people lined up in offices or homes that have landlines to try to contact family and friends after the long wait, but many were unable to communicate after repeated attempts.

"Our landlines have been restored, but we still can't talk to people. It's frustrating. I've tried to call people since morning, but I'm not arriving," Syed Musahid said in Srinagar.

Many cashmere living outside the region also said they were having trouble getting in touch with their families within occupied Kashmir.

"I kept trying hundreds of times to contact my family in Kashmir, and only then my call was made," said Bint-e-Ali, a cashmere from Bengaluru.

She said she still has not been able to speak with her sick grandmother in Srinagar.

"I hope to live to tell this horrifying story to our next generation about how India didn't even let us talk to our family and friends," he said.

The government said it suspended communications on August 5 to prevent the spread of rumors after article 370 was revoked. The suspension has almost completely isolated Kashmir residents.

Srinagar resident Firdous Ahmad said that the restoration of the fixed service "definitely gives a sigh of relief," but he also hoped that Internet and cell phone data services, which are more used, will be restored soon.

the Press Trust of India the reported restrictions had been lifted in the daytime movements in the disputed region. However, the control points remain in place.

Protests over Indian movements have occurred sporadically in occupied Kashmir and were stifled by security forces that shot pellets and tear gas.



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