Lahore ASI arrested for ‘offensive behaviour’ towards elderly woman – Pakistan

An assistant assistant inspector (ASI) of the Lahore police was suspended and arrested for allegedly misbehaving with an elderly woman, Punjab Prime Minister spokesman Dr. Shahbaz Gill said Thursday.

Early today, journalist Tarhub Asgher aware a video on his Twitter account, in which the ASI was seen yelling at an old woman and throwing her cane. Asgher said the video was filmed outside the office of the city police officer in Lahore.

Gill had retweeted the video and said Prime Minister Usman Buzdar had taken note of the matter and "ordered the Lahore police to take immediate action against the official."

"Such behavior will not be tolerated at any cost," he said.

Two hours later, he Announced on Twitter that the officer had been suspended and arrested for "behaving offensively with an old woman and misbehaving."

Punjab police have been under the spotlight for their suspicion of illegal and high-hand methods. Last week, three people, two in Lahore and one in Rahim Yar Khan, died due to alleged torture by police officials.

Last week, officers from the anti-corruption department unearthed a torture cell in Lahore allegedly operated by the Gujjarpura station officer along with three agents to keep the suspects in custody on the pretext of being questioned.



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