Khawaja Brothers indicted in Paragon City scam reference

LAHORE – On Wednesday, an accounting court indicted former rail minister Khawaja Saad Rafique and his brother Khawaja Salman Rafique in a reference submitted by Paragon City's National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

Responsible court judge Syed Jawadul Hassan performed the referral procedures produced by the Kawaza brothers after the expiration of the four legal expiration periods.

At the beginning of the lawsuit, the court clearly provided a reference to Kawaza brothers.

However, Brother Kawaza's advice took seven days to study the reference document against the charges. He added that it was the court's responsibility to reconsider whether he could be prosecuted in this case, adding that no one could be convicted without the opportunity of defense.

The court said it would not convict the accused.

Subsequently, the court protested against the prosecution without convicting Kawazad Sadra Peak and his brother Kawazasala Mana Peak.

The court closed a further hearing by September 13 and summoned the testimony and recorded the testimony.

In addition to the Kawaza brothers, Nadim Jia, Umar Jia, and Pahan Ali were also named for reference. The reference noted that the Kawaza brothers had established a housing project under the name of Air Avenue through their “Benami theer” through the hospitality of former MPA Qaiser Amin Butt and Nadeem Zia.

The project was later converted into a new housing project called Paragon City Pvt Ltd, and NAB was an illegal society and was not approved by the Lahore Development Authority, former rail minister and his brothers received fifty-five million rupees and 39 million rupees respectively. Consulting services were added from society through a proxy company.

The Khawaja brothers were arrested by the bureau on December 11, 2018. The Lahore High Court bench dismissed the petition for bail after the arrest of the Kawaza brothers on June 18. But they have not yet approached the Supreme Court on this matter.

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