KE held responsible for 19 electrocution cases during recent monsoon spell – Pakistan

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) announced Friday that it has found K-Electric responsible for 19 of the 35 cases of electrocution and interruption of the power supply for prolonged periods during the recent period of heavy rains in Karachi.

In the months of July and August, Karachi had experienced widespread monsoon rains that wreaked havoc on the city's infrastructure due to urban flooding and water accumulation.

A large number of fatal and non-fatal incidents occurred due to electrocution and prolonged power outages were experienced in many parts of the metropolis.

On August 17, the electricity sector regulator announced that it had initiated a formal investigation against the power generation and supply company for electrocution incidents in the city during the current monsoon season.

Nepra announced today that the investigation committee, constituted under Section 27A of the 1997 NEPRA Act, had submitted its investigation report to the authority.

The report on the loss of human life due to electric shocks and the suspension of the energy supply for prolonged periods during the rains in Karachi from July 29 to 31 and from August 10 to 2 held the KE responsible for 19 of the 35 cases of electrocution.

According to a statement from the regulatory authority, it has decided to initiate "legal proceedings against the KE under the relevant provisions of the NEPRA Act of 1997".

"In this regard, a justified cause notice has been issued to K-Electric for the charges against him," the statement said.

Later today, the power company said in a statement that the company would send its response after thoroughly reviewing the justified cause notice.

The statement says the power company takes several measures, including the placement of safety switches in the network and the grounding. The company also appealed to all authorities to ensure water drainage after rain and urban flooding.

According to the KE, urban flooding and standing water affected the company's electricity facilities. In addition, security measures become ineffective due to usurpation, theft of ground wires, hooks and cables.

The company said vulnerable streetlight switches and unsafe use of electricity generators also cause incidents.

The electric company in its statement concluded by saying that it would cooperate with the regulator.

On August 27, the Sindh Assembly passed a private resolution unanimously in which the KE was asked to pay Rs 5 million to each of the more than 20 electrocuted persons during the recent rains in the metropolis.



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