Kasur ex-DPO, SP told to report to Establishment Division – Pakistan

LAHORE: The Punjab government has delivered the services of former Kasur District Police Officer (DPO) Abdul Ghaffar Qaisrani and Police Superintendent (SP) Shahbaz Elahi to the Establishments Division, Islamabad.

Measures were taken against them after the Sheikhupura Regional Police Officer (RPO) Sohail Habib Tajik found them guilty of gross negligence in their report sent to the Punjab Police Inspector General (IGP), who withdrew Captain Arif Nawaz Khan in Rape and murder incidents. of three children in Kasur.

The Department of General Services and Administration of Punjab issued a notification after the IGP sent the report to the Chief Minister Usman Buzdar.

However, RPO Tajik seemed to have escaped punishment, as there were reports that Prime Minister Imran Khan wanted an action against him for lack of supervisory role in cases of rape and murder of children. The prime minister had tweeted: “There will be responsibility for all. Those who do not act in the interest of the common man will be taken to the task. "

An official said Dawn that the high-ranking police hierarchy had prepared efforts to rescue the RPO when the prime minister's tweet gave them the impression that he wanted to act against all the police leadership.

In its report to the IGP, the RPO considered the DPO and the SP negligent after the parents of the child victims submitted statements that the two officers had turned a deaf ear to their concerns and left them at the mercy of the station officer and Deputy Superintendent of Police. worried, that he had asked them to look for their children in sanctuaries and railway stations.

IGP Arif sent the report to the government of Punjab, which issued instructions to deliver its services to the Establishments Division.

Meanwhile, the RPO has initiated a detailed investigation to file a charge sheet against SP Elahi to further set responsibility for him in rape and murder cases, the official said.

He also said that high-level police officers were unhappy with the decision to make Mr. Qaisrani's services available to the Center, adding that the prime minister had just ordered the removal of the DPO from his post. In Elahi's case, the official said, most senior police officers backed his punishment.

Posted on Dawn, September 22, 2019

Source: https://www.dawn.com/news/1506533/kasur-ex-dpo-sp-told-to-report-to-establishment-division


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