Kaatrin Mozhi new Vijay Tv Serial with ‘Raja Rani’ fame Sanjeev Karthick in lead

Bj tv serial kaatri mozhi sanjeev karthick alya manasa

Rajay Rani’s fame Sanjeev Karthick’s new series, a new promotional video from Kaatrin Mozhi, was released by Vijay Tv. The face is shaved and the youth of the city looks clean.

Showing different shades of & # 39; Chinnaya & # 39; Sanjeev Karthick that look completely different. The protagonist of the series seems to be new (Priyanka Jain), but it looks cute, but even though Alia Manasa aka Semba helped the role of a rustic heroine, the promo video of the series looks interesting.

Sanjeev fell in love with the girl, who is trying hard to win her father’s love. I hope your serial number is as good as & # 39; Kaatrin Mozhi & # 39; hit. Here is a promotional video.

Do you think that Alya Manasa (Semba) should have played the role of heroin? Please vote below.

Should Alya Manasa (Semba) be active in the new Sanjeev Karthick Serial Kaatrin Mozhi?

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