Judge Arshad Malik made OSD after suspension from Islamabad accountability court – Pakistan

Former accountability judge Muhammad Arshad Malik, suspended last month for the video leak controversy, was published Saturday as a special service officer (OSD) at the Lahore Court of Sessions.

The registrar distributed a notification to this effect after the approval of the chief judge of the Lahore High Court.

On July 12, the Islamabad High Court withdrew Judge Malik from office in the midst of a controversy surrounding a leaked videotape that showed his alleged confession that he had been "pressured and blackmailed" to condemn the former prime minister Nawaz Sharif in the corruption reference of Al Azizia.

The judge had denied the accusations, saying there was no pressure on him to condemn Sharif and that the videos shown by PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz of his alleged confession at a press conference were "false and based on lies ".

Judge Malik, on December 4, 2018, handed over overthrown Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif seven years in jail at the Al Azizia Steel Mills corruption reference. He, however, acquitted him in a second reference related to Flagship Investments.

After the dispute, the Islamabad High Court had repatriated it to the LHC, its main department, for disciplinary proceedings.

A notification issued by the IHC on August 22 stated that the disclosures and admissions made by Judge Malik in his press release issued on July 7, one day after Maryam's presser, and in a sworn statement he submitted to the IHC on July 11 to deny the accusations. against him, prima facie "constitutes acts of misconduct and violation of the code of conduct, which guarantee the initiation of disciplinary proceedings against him".

According to the notification, due to the above reasons, the IHC Supreme Court president had issued orders to suspend Judge Malik and repatriate him to the LHC with immediate effect, "so that disciplinary proceedings are carried out in accordance with the law."

Source: https://www.dawn.com/news/1505186/judge-arshad-malik-made-osd-after-suspension-from-islamabad-accountability-court


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