‘It Chapter 2’ doesn’t clown around with its scares


It can be ridiculous if the novel is scattered in several movies, but Stephen King's “It” is not one of those books.

In Andy Muschietti's 2017 1,100-page door stop, the first crack, & # 39; It & # 39 ;, covered the first half. Bill Skarsgard) is located in Derry, main town. 27 years after Penny Wise's return, call Deri again, and “It Chapter Two” occupies the second half of the book.

The era gives a deeper meaning to be with Muschietti's “Chapter Two”. Bill how much our darkest fears have changed since childhood, how the cruelty of life brings new fears, and how fun it is to imagine Finn Wolfhard growing up

Produced with the same visual sensation as Muschietti's first film, "It Chapter Two" is a large screen fun house full of vivid set thrills vivid by the fear of each character. Some are better than others, but they are constantly imaginative. One giant Paul Bunyan statue is intimidating and takes care of the town square.

"It" made it that way, "Chapter 2" made a satisfying, full-length sequel. It has nothing to do with scary clowns, but also with maximum nightmares. It's a hallucination, but a familiar vision survives. A person who doesn't know much about Paliwise's sewers puts them together by touching the interroper in a scene suitable for Dali.

Losers Club was fun time. Richie Tozier (Hader) is now a standup cartoon. Biel Den Brough (James McAvoy; Jaden Martel as a boy) is a novelist whose fiction applies to film. Beverly Hash, whose father was abused as a child (Jessica Chastain; Sophia release as a girl), fell into a harsh marriage. Eddie Kaspbrak (James Ramone, childhood Jack Dylan Grazer) is a successful New York businessman. As a child, overweight Ben Hanscomb (Jay Ryan; boy Jeremy Ray Taylor) somehow hit the jackpot. He is thin, handsome and architect.

When Penny Wise starts to loosen up and ride ominously through Deri on a red balloon, he gets a call from each loser, Mike Hanlon (Isaya Mustafa; Jacobs, chosen as a child). When the children reappear and return to defeat Penny Wise again, they return to fulfill their oath. But as I travel away from Derry, my memories are clouded and I only come back with a faint idea of ​​why I came back.


R rating: Acts that interfere with violent content and bloody images, extensive language, and some sexual sexual data

Run time: 169 minutes

★★★ ½ (of 5)

Just like the first "It" is an upcoming story, "Chapter Two" is home. Here and there is a reunion movie with dead children. One of the attractions of both movies is to maintain a dark and bright balance. In particular, "Chapter 2" is greatly appreciated by Hader (Jabba the Hutt impressor) and Ramone, the exciting actor who played Iggy in the second season of "The Wire".

"It" tips in different ways, and as part of the nightmare scenarios of the movie, brings cheap fear from children to terrible fat things in clever scenes. It's an easy way to attract the audience's adrenaline and an obscure filmmaking method. Hitchcock once called it a "serious error" later.

But the movie “It”, a kind of pop horror movie with awesome scenes where you can eat popcorn, has a way to deal with such horror seriously and roughly. Our fear is terrible and ridiculous in “It”. They are helpless only by our own powerless claims.


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