International cricket incomplete without Pakistan, says Sarfaraz – Sport

Pakistan captain Sarfaraz Ahmed thanked the Sri Lankan team on Thursday for visiting Pakistan and urged other foreign boards to also reconsider their approach to Pakistan. He said international cricket is incomplete without Pakistan.

"Pakistan has sent a clear message and now is the time for other boards to reconsider their approach to playing in Pakistan. Being a team and a nation, I request that all boards support cricket in Pakistan," he told a news conference at Karachi while talking. about some international players who reportedly accused India of forcing them not to visit Pakistan.

Speaking about the pitch and the field in Karachi, he said: "We haven't seen the field yet, I just have an idea of ​​what kind of fields are made in the stadiums here."

"In regards to the countryside, I would say that & # 39; when it rains, water falls & # 39;", said the patron, playfully using a phrase pronounced by PPP leader Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari about the rains in Sindh that had been Become viral on social networks. .

"It is easy to say that we are going to score 450 or 500 runs, but to achieve this goal a complete process is required. In modern cricket, the role of the first three or four batters has become very crucial."

"All teams that score more than 300 races can do so through a configuration under which the openers show an exemplary start and the rest of the team takes it (forward). To score 400 runs, we need a set-up and we are planning to have it. "

Speaking about the performance of green shirts, he said: "If you check the team's performance over the past two and a half years, it has improved tremendously. We scored 300 races during the World Cup; we scored 350 and even played 370."

"Our cricket is improving and we are trying to move forward with this team."

He was sure that his decision to change the batting order to provide opportunities for other players to play in the starting positions was correct.



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