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International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Writing Competition 2019

Deadline: December 6, 2019

The application is invited to the International Red Cross Committee (ICRC) writing competition 2019. The Red Cross International Council provides a learning platform for IHL debates and legal discussions related to Arabic speaking scholars.


2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the four Geneva Conventions (GC) of 1949. Today, the widely approved GC is one of the greatest achievements of cross-border cooperation. Four GCs protect soldiers / citizens injured in land and sea, prisoners of war and civilians. The main achievement of 1949 was also to include a common Article 3 in all four conventions protecting victims of non-international conflict.

This article can cover one of the following topics:

  • 4 GC Overviews: Is it outdated?
  • Relevance / fulfillment of common provision 3 for regulating non-international armed conflict
  • How and why non-state armed groups participate and bind to the IHL
  • GC's success and / or failure to humanize modern armed conflict
  • Effect of GC Implementation Mechanism
  • Modern Challenges Faced by GC in Today's War


The ICRC awards three levels of awards.

  • First prize winners receive a certificate and 1500 USD. In addition, this article is considered to be published by the ICRC.
  • The second prize winner will be awarded a certificate and 1000 USD.
  • Third prize winners are awarded with a certificate and $ 750 USD.


  • Open to scholars in all Arab countries
  • Articles must be written in Arabic


  • Original Preparation
    • Manuscripts must be submitted in Word format, including footnotes at 1.5 line intervals in 12pt Times New Roman font.
    • Length: The submitted manuscript should contain approximately 10,000 words, footnotes.
    • Abstract: All manuscripts should be accompanied by a short abstract (less than 100 words) summarizing the main content / arguments of the article.
    • Keywords: You need to identify some keywords for easy web search and reference.
    • Resume: Every manuscript must be accompanied by a biography (one or two sentences per author) describing the author's current function / division.
    • Highlighting: You should not use highlighting (bold, italic, underline) within the text body except in italics for foreign language terms. Limin. Foreign organizations should not be set in italics.
    • Title: Do not use titles over three levels.
  • Internet reference: For reference materials available on the Internet, please mark “where available:” and the full website link. The first internet reference must indicate the date of the last visit for all subsequent references. Yes :… available at www.icrc.org/eng/resources/international-review/index.jsp (all internet references were accessed in March 2014).
  • Editing basics
    • Be sure to follow the punctuation rules that are commonly used in most Arabic countries.
    • Date: Use the following style. February 1, 1989.
    • Numbers: Use Arabic numerals, not Hindi. Numbers under 100 must be spelled, except for ages, which must always be provided in numbers.


Applicants can write their own articles [email protected]

For more information visit: ICRC.



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