Indian spying devices caught in Gujrat


9:12 PM | 26 August 2019

The threat of the Pak-India conflict is growing as New Delhi recently sent four surveillance devices through the balloon in an attempt to gather information from the Pakistani border.

According to the details, four types of devices were sent through the balloon for surveillance purposes in Gujara.

But the bid was triggered by the Civil Defense Ministry, which seized India's surveillance devices. Confiscated devices are commonly used to measure the depths of rivers and Nula and to predict weather conditions in Pakistan.

It is worth noting that the bilateral relations between New Delhi and Islamabad were once again alienated since the abolition of Kashmir's autonomy on August 5th.

Pakistan denies India's one-sided movement and raises its voice for Kasmir's right to live in prison-like situations due to consistent curfew and telecommunication blackouts.

This scenario is becoming more and more hostile every day, and the world community has warned that the specter of nuclear war is causing anguish between India and Pakistan, and that Kashmir, a disputed area, could provide a spark to uncover a nuclear fuse in South Asia.

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