Indian officials interrupt Qasim Suri after he raised Kashmir issue at summit – Newspaper

ISLAMABAD: The Vice President of the National Assembly, Qasim Khan Suri, raised on Sunday the cause of Kashmir at the summit of the Sustainable Development Goals and informed its participants about the uncontrollable steps and atrocities committed by the Indian government against innocent people of Kashmir stopped.

Members of the Indian delegation at the summit led by speaker Lok Sabha attempted to interrupt Mr. Suri. However, his attempt was not heard and the attached speaker continued his speech and informed the participants about the volatile situation in Kashmir, controlled by India.

The entire occupied valley had become a heavily militarized zone and people were prevented from performing their religious rites, Suri said, according to a message received here from the Maldives.

The vice president stressed that countries in South Asia support cashmere for their right to self-determination under the auspices of the United Nations.

He said that the media in the occupied valley had been disconnected, which aggravated the agony of its people, and that the international community should raise the Kashmir problem to the appropriate level by pressing India for resolution in accordance with the resolutions of the UN and the aspiration of Kashmir. people.

He reiterated Pakistan's position to morally and diplomatically support cashmere, saying that India's attitude towards the Kashmir problem was putting the peace and development of South Asia at stake.

Posted on Dawn, September 2, 2019



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