In a first, Misbah to hold joint position of head coach and chief selector of men’s cricket team – Sport

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) appointed former captain Misbahul Haq on Wednesday for the joint position of head coach and head coach for the men's team, the first in Pakistan's cricket, while Waqar Younis was named coach of bowling.

The position of the batting coach remains vacant.

Misbah received the unanimous assent of a five-member panel, which interviewed several candidates and presented its recommendations to the president of PCB, Ehsan Mani, according to a PCB press release.

Addressing a press conference shortly after his appointment, Misbah said: "As a coach or leader, what you want is to have a team so big that you dominate the game instantly and put pressure on the opposition. But that's the ideal situation. In real life, you have strategies based on the type of players available, I will do the same. "

"Of course, the ultimate goal is to have a very strong team at the end, but we have to start with what we have. The renewal of the cricket structure will take some time."

Ending speculation about his role in the Pakistan Super League, PCB Executive President Wasim Khan, who was also present at the press conference, said: "An executive decision has been made to allow Misbah to train during PSL as our team will play only 42 days of international cricket in the next year. Misbah needs all the training experience he can get and the PSL is a good place to start. "

In evading a question about Misbah's salary, the two PCB executives said that Misbah was being paid an amount that is justified by the role he has assumed. When asked if the salary is on par with that of Micky Arthur, Khan said: "Yes, Misbah assumes the same responsibilities as Arthur and, therefore, they pay him the same amount of money."

During the press conference, it was repeatedly said that Misbah will have full autonomy with respect to the positions he occupies. In addition, it was made clear that the previous selection board was dismantled and, under the new system, Misbah will chair the selection committee that will consist of six other members, the main coaches of the regional cricket associations.

"This is being done to know exactly what is happening nationally and what new players should be chosen for the next games. This will create a strong connection between national and international cricket, which has been absent for the past few years."

“It is very humble for me to join a select group of some of the best that have trained the national parts of Pakistan in the past. It is an honor and more than that, a massive responsibility while we live and breathe cricket, "the new head coach and head coach in the press release said earlier. Previously, Mickey Arthur and Inzamamul occupied both positions. Haq, respectively.

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“I know that expectations are high, but I am absolutely ready and ready for homework, otherwise I would not have put my name in the hat for one of the most challenging and coveted roles in Pakistan cricket.

“We have some of the most talented and exciting cricketers, and I would like to help them train and prepare so that they can play intelligently, intelligently and without fear. I am aware that this will require a change in costume culture, but if we have to compete consistently at the highest level, we have to meet these modern requirements, "Misbah said.

Misbah was one of the main candidates for the job of head coach although he applied for it on the last day of presentation on August 26 after resigning as a member of the national cricket committee. He was also recently appointed by the PCB as commander of the current pre-season training camp in which most of the players hired participate.

It was a surprise date as captain of Pakistan in 2011 and led the team with distinction, becoming one of the best captains in the country. It remains to be seen if he can do the same magic as the head coach.

The Misbah-Waqar duo

Misbah and Waqar have worked together in the past when the first was the captain of Pakistan and the second was the head coach.

Waqar's willingness to work with Misbah is a surprise considering he has been head coach of Pakistan twice in the past.

In discussing the issue of having Waqar by his side as a bowling coach, Misbah said: “I am excited to have someone as experienced and knowledgeable as Waqar Younis once again in my corner as a bowling coach. We have exciting young fast bowlers in our ranks and there is no better person than Waqar to transform them into modern stars.

"Both Waqar and I had a sincere and frank discussion and discussed and agreed on a number of things, including roles and responsibilities, as well as how to get things done."

The first test of the Misbah-Waqar duo will be the next international One-day International and Twenty20 series at home against Sri Lanka, which will be played from September 27 to October 9.

The two will also be advising Pakistan for the first series at the World Test Championship to be held in Australia when Pakistan plays in Brisbane from November 21 to 25, followed by a Day / Night Test in Adelaide from November 29 to 3 from December. .

Choice & # 39; innovative & # 39; of PCB to give Seleba boss and position of head coach to Misbah

Sharing his thoughts on the appointments, Khan said the board was delighted to have someone of the likes of Misbah as a mentor to the national side.

“The concept of a head coach who is also a main selector is innovative and a new introduction to our system. But, while the PCB has further strengthened Misbah, it has also placed more responsibility on its shoulders, since it will now be solely responsible and responsible for the actions on its side; however, as always, PCB controls and balances will remain, "Khan said while discussing PCB's decision to let Misbah have both positions.

"I want to thank all the local and foreign candidates who offered their services, but the panel unanimously put its weight behind Misbah, as it believed it fit perfectly into the dual tasks due to its understanding, knowledge and demands of Pakistan cricket in all the three formats of the game, "Khan concluded.



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