IB Jobs Intelligence Bureau NTS online Test Preparation

IB Jobs Intelligence Bureau NTS Online Exam Preparation GD / OM Syllabus

The NTS exam syllabus for the GD IB is not fixed and may vary from exam to exam.
But looking at NTS 'past GD papers, the OM Intelligence Bureau, and the IB Assistant Bureau, you can imagine what sections will be included in this paper.

Some new candidates who first appeared in the NTS test were confused and asked what the GD Intelligence Bureau paper would be like.

NTS has released 671 posts from GD BPS-11 and 234 posts from OM at Intelligence Agency IB..

General knowledge and preview NTS preparation and other exams.
Preview MCQs suggest important daily news, events and sports.

Islamic study part

Islamic Studies MCQ questions are also part of all types of FPSC exams and NTS exams. The Islamic study section includes Islamic history, Gaza, important dates and all historical events of Ashra Mubashra.

English part

The English part consists of vocabulary, organization and sentence structure.
The GD IB English Section Exam is about synonyms, antonyms, analogies, prepositions and sentences, idioms and phrases, direct indirect, active speech, and passive speech completion.

Preview and general knowledge part

Current affairs are the latest in Pakistan and around the world. You need to keep up with the latest news on politics, international issues, sports, technology and personality. These days, current affairs are part of all the tests performed by FPSC or other committees. The GD IB tests performed by NTS include some of current affairs and general knowledge.

General science and skills part

General Science and Skills MCQs may also be required in GD and OM papers. This is because almost all past NTS papers on IB contain hundreds of MCQs in general science and abilities. General Science and Skills MCQs can come from space, human body systems, inventions, and atmospheres. The Analytical Reasoning section contains questions for confirming the candidate's IQ, which gives the candidate a hard time.

Pakistani Affairs part

The syllabus of the Pakistan issue includes all important figures such as topics from 1857 to the present, Muslim League formation, Nehru Report, Quaid-e-Azam 14 points, all important figures such as Allah Abad Address, Quaid-e-Azam, Sir Syted Includes historical events. Ahmed Khan, Sir Aga Khan, Riakat Ali Khan.

Essay English single topic

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