How to Make an Ultimate Cheat Sheet?

X days are coming. In a few days, you will be tested on important and difficult topics. This means you will have to repeat a lot of learning material to convey it well. If you're one of the lucky students that allowed your university professor to bring cheat sheets to the exam, you're already in an advantageous position. If there is a note (even a simple note) in front, I disagree that passing the test is simpler. But how to write this note and what should I add? I will try to find out in this article.

Steps to take before creating a cheat sheet

Feel right before you start writing cheat sheets. How do I do this? There are several ways. Here it is:

Workspace Cleanup

HeadHunter studies show that in 90% of cases, the composition of the workspace affects the motivation and performance of a person. Therefore, create an appropriate atmosphere for your desk. Remove disturbing elements like your favorite books, board games, smartphones, put a bouquet of lilacs on the windowsill, the smell of this flower stimulates memory.

to rest

It should not be tied to tables and thunderbolts from morning to night. It is better to partially correct and give the brain a rest. You can "dilute" repetition with activities that give pleasure, such as walking, meeting friends, listening to music.

Do not give up nap

According to experiments with somnologists in the United States, a 20-30 minute afternoon nap helps to recognize 16% better information. Therefore, if you have a desire to sleep during the day, do not deny this joy. Set aside textbooks to rest and set an alarm so you don't accidentally fall asleep by evening.

Change the environment.

When the wall in the room “woots” you, move it somewhere else. In the living room of soft sofas or in the park of benches if the weather allows. This helps to relieve tension and encourage you. You can also use the so-called “Write My Essays For Me” website to ease the burden while preparing for the exam.

Clean up topics you have already modified.

Did you correct the question? Subtract it or draw it with a marker. Knowing fewer questions, it will be easier to prepare morally. It's a simple psychological trick but it works.

5 key tips for making the perfect cheat sheet

First of all, it should be clear that this cheat sheet can be used by the student if the student knows enough about the topic. Why? First, it is difficult to make a concise note if you do not know anything about the subject, because the note should be short. Secondly, they should usually be written on index-sized paper. (No matter how finely you write, you can't write all papers). Therefore, in case of lack of knowledge, it is important to understand that cheat sheets are not an option to pass the exam, and reading continuously provides nothing.

Those who are convinced of their strength and desire to create the best cheat sheet can proceed to the next level.

Make appropriate and careful modifications to all study materials for which you are required to take the test. You need to be careful and careful as you can't carry a cheat sheet. Also called a workbook or test day support. When repeating a topic, students get ideas about what they know exactly and what they need to learn a bit more.

Some students tend to remember better with their eyes, while others do better by listening to or recording information. Do you have good visual memory? Then read the material several times and remember the page appearance. Do you remember better as you listen? Read the topic aloud or create a record and listen to it conveniently.

When making corrections, write down everything you do not fully understand on plain paper. It may be helpful to write down things you do not fully understand and things you cannot remember. Since the room is very limited, you have to be 100% sure that you should have exactly this information while passing the test.

After the student carefully grasps his weaknesses and strengths, he can create a "draft" of the study sheet. It is worth spending time and trying to deal with the difficult concepts at home. As already mentioned, the space is very limited, so it would be nice to have a very difficult problem with the cheat sheet. Do not half-understand and consistently understand what you understand.

Adding to test day support should give you a hint as to what it really means. Given a small space, write down the collective concept that will give you an idea of ​​the great information they can get from the corner of consciousness.

Act calmly, calmly and coolly! Here is a list of important pointers to keep in mind while preparing a cheat sheet:

  • Modify all the topics covered in the exam / exam.
  • Identify key points to put in the cheat sheet
  • Find a nice sharp pen.
  • Write down what you need in neat writing.
  • Divide your notes into sections.
  • If you run out of space, you need to stop.
  • Leave some space on the bottom of the paper.
  • Correct the note you created.

If you run out of space, write two or more notes instead of writing them on a single sheet of paper. Then scan and organize digitally on your computer. Print it and keep track of the notes printed on new paper. This method is difficult and very cumbersome, so it is better to oppose it. But if you are desperate, there is a possibility.

Ask your teacher, parents or friends to read your notes! They will give you feedback you never expected!

If your writing is not neat, it will be difficult to decipher your writing on the test. Spend enough time to “perfect” your notes

Even if you can't test a cheat sheet, it's a good idea to create a cheat sheet, as it will help you find the most relevant topics. If you try to fit the whole process into one page, you need to consider what are the important and minor details. It is also recommended to do a quick review before arranging all the information studied before the exam. Study with the test and have a great time!



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