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My HP Pavilion laptop tells me that Windows 10 is the latest version, and I am running a version that is nearing end of support, and we recommend updating to the latest version. candid

First, some background. Microsoft has provided a new version of Windows every three years and more and has supported it for 10 years. Examples are Windows XP and Windows 7. It did not change unless Microsoft released service pack updates such as Windows 7 SP1.

When we started Windows 10 four years ago, Microsoft switched to "WaaS (Windows as a Service)." The operating system is now updated for free with a “milestone” release twice a year. Named after scheduled release dates such as Windows 10 1809 and 1903. (The March update of 1903 was actually released in May.)

Thanks to WaaS, there were no larger, expensive "big bang" updates, which caused huge pain for large organizations, and some have been obsessed with older versions of Windows for over a decade. In particular, tools such as Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), and Business for Business (WUfB) make it much easier to handle smaller and frequent updates. Some home users have some pain, but Microsoft is trying to alleviate the problem.

With WaaS, Microsoft has also changed its support system. Now we have the latest lifecycle policy, where the latest version of Windows 10 is only supported for 18 months. You've lost support for 10 years, but as long as you continue installing the new version of Windows 10, support will continue. Indeed, "forever" continues as long as the device can run it.

As a result, Microsoft still supports at least three versions of Windows, but will be released every six months instead of three.

Where you are

Laptop running Windows

Microsoft's timeline system was introduced in Windows Update on April 10, 2018. Figure: Microsoft

You infer that you are running Windows 10 version 1803.It was released on April 30, 2018 and its support life ended on November 12, 2019. Therefore, Windows Update will tell you exactly that this is the latest version.

However, one of the two latest milestone releases (1809 and 1903) failed to install. Therefore, you have the latest version of Windows 10 installed. The current version does not need to be updated. Need to be replaced. This is what you need to do

It's in the same place as someone who skipped a later version that's still running the latest version of Windows 7. The main difference is that the time scale is much shorter and the upgrade is now free.

Microsoft wants everyone to use the same version of Windows, and it's not economical to support 10 or 20 different versions. So even though the Windows 10 Enterprise 1803 version will be supported for one year (until November 10, 2020), we will use the End of Support and Security Fix Exits to let users update their systems.

Instead of downloading code individually, large enterprises use tools like WSUS to update thousands of PCs, so these PCs are less burdensome. Either way, Microsoft still needs to write a security fix for 1803. Just you won't let them.

Upgrade strategy

Membership in the Windows Insider Program is handled in the Windows 10 Settings app section.

Membership in the Windows Insider Program is handled in the Windows 10 Settings app section. Samuel Gibbs / The Guardian

With WaaS, not everyone can get the code at the same time as expected. Instead, updating PCs more than 800 meters took months.

Even if it's not done, millions want the latest version. They participate in the "inner ring" of beta testers. Beta testers find bugs before the operating system is released to more people. Some are what Microsoft calls "navigators." Manually check for updates and install them as soon as they are available. Most people are notified to install a new version, or if they are not really paying attention, they ignore it until the installation actually proceeds.

It is usually safer to install milestone updates later rather than later. If you upgrade to version 1903 now, months of testing have already been installed on hundreds of millions of PCs. If you wait for the "fall version" that is currently called 19H2, you will see code that is not fully debugged. It will also be a bigger jump from 1803, and a big jump is inherently more dangerous than a small one.

Some new features don't have to be in the current version of Windows 10, which might cause some new bugs. But it is not good to use 2 or 3 versions.

Problem and solution update

Windows Update in Windows 10

Windows Update in Windows 10. Samuel Gibbs / The Guardian

The bulk upgrade process depends on a lot of machine learning based on feedback from telemetry. The easiest PCs to upgrade correctly come with tricky looking updates. As bugs are found and fixed, more and more PCs will be offered updates.

Sometimes updates are suspended for a variety of reasons. It occurred on some PCs that were not patched with Meltdown and Specter vulnerabilities. In 1903, some users were on hold because they were running older Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST) drivers on their PCs. In my case, the warning went away and Microsoft installed the Microsoft driver. For unlucky readers, it may have been fixed with the August 30 KB4512941 update.

The update attempt may also fail because your PC does not have enough storage space. If you need to roll back a failed upgrade, a secure copy of the running Windows version, the downloaded version, and the previous version of Windows 10 needs enough space. This backup will now be deleted after about 10 days. It was about 30 days.

If you plug in the right external hard drive or give me another storage space, Windows 10 should be upgraded correctly. If that doesn't work, download Windows 10 and the free media creation tool, create installation media on a USB memory stick or DVD, and then install a new copy of Windows 10. You should definitely back up. Data first.

Otherwise, you can download the update support to resolve the update issue.

You can also contact Microsoft Support through the "Get Help" link on the right side of the Windows Update page in the Settings (gear) app. I tried it once, got help immediately and it helped. The Microsoft Support Web page for Windows 10 offers additional options, including "callback", "phone reservation", and "community request" (posted in the support forum).

You may find it helpful to check your PC's telemetry using the Diagnostic Data Viewer app available in the Windows Store. Alternatively, check the Problem Report page in the Security and Maintenance section of the old Control Panel or in Event Viewer.

Better updates

The current 1903/2019 version of Windows 10 is a bit more flexible. You can click the Pause button to skip to "Pause update for 7 days" or "Advanced options" and pause the update for up to 35 days. You can choose the date you want to resume, which is useful for business trips and vacations. After 35 days, you need to install some updates before you can pause the updates again.

With the upcoming 19H2 / 1909 version, Microsoft plans additional changes. Specifically, install without installing feature updates in the same way as major browsers. This introduces an interesting new three letter abbreviation, Controlled Feature Rollout (CFR). Microsoft defines this as "how to gradually roll out new features by incrementally increasing its audience in a regulated way." In other words, all PCs will receive the same updates, but through telemetry, new features will gradually turn on and work properly.

According to John Cable from Microsoft, who is responsible for servicing and delivering Windows, the goal is to make the update like a monthly update twice a year. In the same blog post, "People running the May 2019 update and updating to a new release will be much faster."

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