Hezbollah says it downed Israeli drone – Newspaper

BEIRUT: The Iran-backed Hezbollah movement said Monday that it shot down and seized an Israeli drone as it crossed the Lebanese border, a week after a sudden confrontation between the archenemies.

The Israeli army said a drone that was operating "fell" in Lebanon on Sunday. In what appeared to be an answer, an air strike at "around midnight" killed 18 pro-Iranian fighters in eastern Syria, a monitor said.

Later on Monday, the Israeli army said rockets had been fired from Syria, but could not achieve their targets.

Hezbollah had issued a statement saying that some of its combatants "confronted with the appropriate weapons an Israeli drone" that was headed for the Lebanese border village of Ramyeh during the night. The group said it later recovered the device, but did not provide images.

The incident was a sequel to an escalation between the two enemies that began on the night of August 24 when an Israeli attack killed two Hezbollah operatives in Syria. Israel said the attack was to prevent a drone attack in its territory by an Iranian force.

The operation was followed hours later by what Hezbollah described as an attack with Israeli drones in its Beirut fortress.

That led to an escalation in rhetoric and increased fears of a total conflict between Hezbollah and Israel, whose main allies, Iran and the United States, respectively, also disagree.

Posted in Dawn, September 10, 2019

Source: https://www.dawn.com/news/1504504/hezbollah-says-it-downed-israeli-drone


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