Here’s how much Pakistanis need to buy iPhone 11 variants

LAHORE – Smartphone manufacturer, Apple recently launched the latest iPhone 11 variant around the world, keeping Pakistani enthusiasts on the spot for price.

Pakistani dealers have finally released the latest iPhone 11 variant to satisfy Apple users' aspirations, but it's being called by the people on both sides of the aisle as a "big" or "normal". can.

Every day, the Pakistani team headed to Lahore's famous smartphone market to inform users of the iPhone 11 variant price.

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Posted Saturday, September 21, 2019 Daily Daily

IPhone 11

In a keynote last week, Apple announced the starting price of the iPhone 11 for $ 699. But Pakistani users can bring the phone to Rs 200K and above. The price depends on storage capacity and the approximate figures for Pakistan after PTA approval are as follows:

64GB Price: 2,20,000 PKR

128GB Price: 2,29,000 PKR

256GB Price: 2,47,000 PKR

iPhone 11 glass is the hardest on smartphones and the camera bump is part of the glass. The iPhone 11 uses an hour longer battery than the iPhone XR, and for this phone, portrait mode works for pets, and the new portrait effect is called high key mono.

Iphone 11 pro

The iPhone 11 Pro outperforms the iPhone 11 in terms of specifications. Most importantly, it comes with a triple lens camera and can be called a mid-range iPhone given the latest rollout. Approximate prices in Pakistan after PTA approval are as follows:

64GB Price: 2,72,000 PKR

256GB Price: Rs 3,00,000 PKR

512GB Price: 3,32,000 PKR

The launch price announced by Apple for the iPhone 11 Pro is $ 999 and has four hours more battery life compared to the iPhone XS.

With a 5.8-inch OLED display, these phones are available in green, gray, silver and gold.

IPhone 11 Pro Max

“There's no description of the taste,” Apple says, because the iPhone 11 Pro Max model costs & # 39; too many & # 39; to some cell phone users and & # 39; I think I'm serious.

Apple has announced the starting price of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is $ 1,099 and comes with a 6.5-inch Super Retina XDR screen.

For Pakistani users, the approximate price of iPhone 11 Pro Max after PTA approval is as follows:

64GB Price: 2,88,000 PKR

256GB Price: 3,14,000 PKR

512GB Price: 3,48,000 PKR

“IPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are the most powerful and advanced smartphones we have ever made. They are full of sophisticated techniques that can be used by anyone who wants the best technology and the best equipment for their work, even if they are not experts. keynote.

The main cause of these prices for cash-captured Pakistanis is the devaluation of the Pakistani currency against the US dollar and the tax imposed by the Federal Internal Revenue Service.

Negotiations are underway to considerably reduce taxes, but a decision on the proposal must be made.

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