HEC Aboriginal Scholarship for Pakistan

HEC Aboriginal Scholarship

HEC Aboriginal Scholarship is a scholarship system established by the Pakistan Higher Education Commission to provide scholarships for Pakistani citizens to receive higher education. The scholarship holds a master's degree with a master's degree, master's degree and doctoral degree. Its goal is to create highly qualified human resources in all areas of study taught at the advanced level of local universities. These local qualified scholars and researchers will enhance not only private universities, but also public R & D potential and strengthen local industry sectors.

HEC Aboriginal Scholarship

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With the launch of the 5000 HEC Aboriginal Scholarship, the research culture of public and private universities was developed in accordance with international norms / standards. The project focuses on social sciences, humanities and life sciences, as well as various fields belonging to all areas of science and technology. To strengthen research facilities in this field, the Higher Education Commission has funded the establishment of laboratories in many departments and universities. This has made a tremendous change in the research culture of Pakistani universities.

HEC focused on indigenous scholarships. This is because local rain researchers are studying national issues of national importance. Therefore, their research is expected to be directly related to Pakistan's growth and socio-economic development.

In addition, the scheme not only facilitates the research of HEC scholars by funding universities to upgrade research facilities, especially small laboratory equipment, chemicals, IT equipment, etc., but also departments date the laboratory.

Eligibility Criteria

HEC Aboriginal Scholarships has a list of eligibility criteria for applicants who wish to apply for scholarships. Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Pakistan / AJK National
  • For MS / MPhil, applicants must have at least 16 years of education without a third grade or D credit on their degree / certificate in their entire academic career.
  • Persons applying for direct PhD scholarships must have a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.0 (4.0 or higher of the semester system) or the first division (of the annual system) of MS / MPhil or equivalent. In the second point, it is necessary with the conditions mentioned earlier.
  • Maximum age of application deadline:
    • Full-time full-time faculty of the public sector university / DAI and full-time staff of the public sector / R & D organization 40 years
    • 35 years for all other applicants
  • Applicants who are already receiving other HEC or government scholarships cannot apply.

How to Apply for an HEC Aboriginal Scholarship

Applicants must submit their application online via eportal.hec.gov.pk. HEC reserves the right to postpone or cancel the scholarship process at any stage without specifying reasons.

Applicants should regularly update their emails and the HEC website to check for updates, and apply before the deadline for help in case of inconvenience.

HEC Aboriginal Scholarship Benefits

Successfully applying for an HEC Aboriginal Scholarship allows you to receive financial support such as:

  • Scholar's severance pay:
    • 10,000 per month from MS / MPhil
    • 13,000 per month at a doctorate
  • Tuition, Reference, Books, Chemistry Abstracts, Stationery, Software, Internet, etc. 75,000 per year
  • University support for lab / workshop equipment, materials, consumables and consumables, etc .: Rs. 75,000 per year
  • Book allowance for scholars: Rs. 5,000 per year – PhD science subjects only
  • Evaluation of Articles from Completion of Overseas Claims: Rs. 18,000 – one-time bonus for bonus period
  • The dissertation claims to scholars in research last year: Rs. 5,000-1 award on completion of study
  • Honor for the supervisor:
    • Under the approval of Dr. Synopsis from the Progressive Research and Research Council: Rs. 50,000-One-time payment
    • Published with the co-author of the HEC Directors in the Is Journal of Rs 30,000 – paid to the supervisor once a year for three years (up to Rs. 70,000) or issued by the co-author of the HEC Supervisors in the Rs of the HEC-approved journal. 15,000 – pay twice a year for three years.
    • Write a doctoral dissertation and send it for overseas evaluation: Rs. 50,000-One-time payment
    • Successful evaluation by foreign examiners: Rs. 20,000-One-time payment
    • PhD Completion / Degree Reminder: Rs. 50,000-One-time payment
  • Scholar benefits:
    • Retirees:
      • Dedication to scholars in the first and second years during the MS period: Rs. 12,000 per month with Rs. Increases by 1,000 per year.
      • Served to scholars for the past three years during the Ph.D .: Rs. 18,000 per month with Rs. Increases by 1,500 per year.
    • Book allowance: Rs. 5,000 per year
    • Claim thesis: Rs. 10,000-1 award on completion of study
    • Scholar notebook: Rs. 60,000-one-time bonus
  • University support:
    • Tuition, Reference Books, Book Volume, Chemistry Abstracts, Stationery, Software, Internet, etc .: Rs. 100,000 per year
    • University / Laboratory equipment, consumables and consumables, etc. During the PhD period (3 years) University support: Rs. 60,000 per year
    • Upon completion of dissertation evaluation costs to foreign universities: Rs. 20,000-One-time payment
    • Grant / Research Incentives to Supervisors (BASR Approval, PhD Completion, Paper Submission, etc.): Up to Rs. 150,000

Terms of Use

The following are the terms and conditions of the HEC Aboriginal Scholarship Program. In addition, acceptance of the scholarship recognizes the following obligations:

  • Winners may not alter the course of study specified by the recipient on the application form or scholarship without prior approval of the Higher Education Commission.
  • If a job requires a NOC, HEC will continue the scholarship. Only scholarships and book allowances are frozen. This condition applies only to scholars who have a scholarship of more than two years, approved by the HEC institution, have completed a PhD program, passed a PhD synthesis, or a PhD synopsis approved by BASAR.
  • Winners must not receive other scholarships during their studies.
  • New students must be admitted to the department / university mentioned in the HEC accredited university / DAI list.
  • Scholars already enrolled in the PhD program must be full-time PhD students in departments / institutions, at least two of which are members of at least three faculty members.
  • Registered PhD scholars must have the supervision of an HEC-approved manager, and the number of PhD students enrolled with that manager is less than the maximum specified by the HEC.
  • Under the supervision of an HEC-approved supervisor, the number of doctoral scholars should not exceed five.
  • At all stages of research, changes in universities / institutions are not allowed, but due to the inevitable circumstances, they are only allowed with the prior approval of the Higher Education Commission.
  • It is entirely the responsibility of the winner to approve the program / disciplinary status to be enrolled in MS / PhD and to ensure that the department has obtained the required NOC from the HEC quality assurance department. Each council (e.g. PEC, PMDC, Business Council, etc.) recognizes / registers the stated degree of the relevant university / institution. The Indigenous Scholarships Phase II section assumes no responsibility in this regard.
  • Winners must have a study leave from their employer in order to join their research institute full time.
  • Winners must have ties with Pakistan's HEC / government to study for five years after their studies, preferably at higher education.
  • Winners will be required to enter into a contract with HEC for non-private legal paper (stamp paper) in order for HEC to refund HEC the total amount provided by HEC to their study if the winner fails to complete the study. .
  • The individual's warranty on non-private legal (stamp) paper should provide the effect of ensuring recovery in the case of default.
  • HEC monitors quarterly academic progress / performance of all winners and monitors financial utilization every six months.

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Since 2012, four Batches have been confirmed, through which more than 3000 MS and PhD scholarships have been awarded from renowned national universities. Batch-V in the program is currently in the process of enrollment for Spring / Fall 2019. The HEC Aboriginal Scholarship 2020 for the PhD is currently not open for application.

Aboriginal Scholarship HEC Contact

If you have any questions, please contact the Aboriginal Scholarship HEC Contact Number at the HEC Call Center UAN (111-119-432) (HEC) or 0334-1119432 (9HEC).

Visit the Aboriginal PhD Scholarship Program web page for more information.


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