Govt will never strike a deal with Fazlur Rehman: interior minister – Pakistan

Retired Interior Minister Brigade Ijaz Ahmad Shah said Wednesday that the government will never reach an agreement with Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman and hoped that his Call for a march in Islamabad will not be met with the kind of response Rehman is looking for.

"People will not join Fazlur Rehman in this exercise," the Interior Minister said in an exclusive interview with DawnNewsTV.

He went on to say that not only will there be no agreement, but that the head of the JUI-F will lose interest and turn away from the idea.

The Interior Minister said he respects Rehman, "since he is, after all, a religious scholar," but he questioned the wisdom of such a movement "when India has its hands on our jugular vein (Kashmir)."

Brig Shah expressed his conviction that the government will not only prevail in this period, but will be successful in being re-elected to another. "In the next four years, Pakistan will witness substantial improvements."

He said that the condition in which the country was currently could not be attributed to a single individual. "The ruling class has destroyed Pakistan," he said, holding all previous governments accountable equally.

The Interior Minister also said that in his mission to get things back on track, the government had decided to "control all jihadist groups." "Pakistan has no room for warlords and terrorists," he said.

He promised that no extremist will be allowed to use Pakistani soil for his nefarious designs. To that end, Brig Shah drew attention to the fact that all the motherssahs belonging to Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) and Jamatud Dawa (JuD) had been placed under government control.

Brig Shah also highlighted the work done to attract money launderers. "Imran Khan, despite all the criticisms, has ordered an offensive against money laundering."

He said that if the Asif Ali Zardari case had not been given new life, he would not have been in jail. "The case against Zardari is solid despite the fact that white collar crimes are difficult to prove," he said.

The Interior Minister said that in the case of the video leak scandal, the Sharifs should have been charged. "The video against the judge (Arshad Malik) had been ordered by the Sharif brothers," he said.

He rejected the impression that the government would reach an agreement at any time with the opposition. "Those who reach such agreements will be removed from Islamabad," he warned.

"Those with weak constitutions abandoned the opposition and joined the PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf). The PTI is not threatened by any party," Brigadier General Shah said.

He said the government is solving the 70-year-old mistakes and therefore is going through a difficult time. "The prime minister questions cabinet members at each session, asking them what improvements they have made (to their ministries) that will affect people's daily lives," said the Interior Minister.

The Interior Minister said that if everyone does not come together to solve the country's problems, they will regret it later.



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