Govt arrested Khursheed Shah to divert attention from failure over Kashmir: Bilawal Bhutto – Pakistan

PPP President Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Wednesday accused the government of trying to sabotage the unity between political parties on the issue of Kashmir and said that the arrest of PPP MNA Syed Khursheed Shah today was an attempt to divert attention from his failure over Kashmir.

He was speaking at a press conference after an advisory session held by the party to discuss the next course of action after the arrest.

"If you can't lead your own nation, how can you lead a cause outside the country?" Bilawal asked, addressing Prime Minister Imran Khan.

"When you are witnessing the death of democracy in your own country, how can democracy be saved in Kashmir," he continued.

"How can [the premier] Raise your voice for political prisoners in Kashmir when you arrest politicians in your own country? "asked the president of the PPP in a reprimand to the prime minister.

The National Office of Responsibility (NAB) arrested Shah on Wednesday in a case related to his alleged assets beyond the media.

The unconditional PPP was arrested in a joint operation by the Rawalpindi and Sukkur chapters of the NAB, DawnNewsTV reported. He will be in the custody of NAB Rawalpindi tonight.

Bilawal, during his press conference, tried to provide a pattern for the alleged government practice in which he makes use of the National Responsibility Office (NAB) to "hide his own failures."

"We strongly condemn the arrest of (Shah), and especially at this time, because it seems that every time there is an opportunity to send a strong message to our Kashmir brothers […] the government uses NAB to break national unity, aggravate the opposition and divert people's attention. "

"When the attack on Kashmir was still fresh (the presidential decree of August 5 stripping it of its autonomous state), we could have used the joint parliamentary session platform to send a message of support […] but the government arrested Maryam Nawaz. "

He then spoke about the arrest of the PPP leader, Faryal Talpur, during Eid in Muzaffarabad, where representatives of several parties had attended a show of solidarity with Kashmir.

"Another opportunity had arisen […] then also, Faryal Talpur was illegally transferred to jail at night from the hospital, "he added.

"And again today we witnessed how an effort was made by the Senate to do what, at the time of a national crisis, was simply not being done," Bilawal said, referring to a discussion on Kashmir in the presence of representatives of All the political parties.

"Then the Senate took a step to discuss Kashmir and then once again, at that time, Shah sahib He was arrested. Everything for attention to deviate from [the government’s] historical failure in Kashmir, "said Bilawal.



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