Free full and partial scholarships for Ghanaian students

Scholarships are offered worldwide for a variety of purposes, including degree studies, short courses, research activities, teacher training and other types of professional education activities, and exchange programs. People usually seek scholarships to reduce financial burdens and gain recognition for academic or non-academic achievement.

Scholarships for Ghanaian Students

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If you are a Ghanaian looking for the perfect scholarship that suits your needs, read the following scholarship overview for Ghana students!

  1. GNPC Scholarship

Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) is Ghana's National Petroleum Company (NOC), established in 1983, through the development of the government to provide adequate and stable supply of oil products Support your goals. Own oil resources. Just by paying attention to the development of the country, the company knows the potential of Ghanaian youth. Therefore, GNPC also supports the Ghanaian youth by establishing the GNPC Foundation. The Foundation provides financial support to the people of Ghana by offering scholarships.

GNPC Foundation Foreign Scholarship is a very selective full scholarship for Ghanaians to study abroad. The award is awarded to the master's and doctoral programs. The scholarship consists of the following benefits to the beneficiary:

    • Round-trip airfare from the beneficiary's home country to the study country and returning home after completion of study
    • Approved Tuition
    • Retirement allowance (life allowance)
    • Book allowance
    • One-time warm attire allowance, if applicable
    • Thesis allowance
    • Provisions for approved overseas field work costs (usually one economy class round-trip airfare)

Scholarships are only available to Ghana students who are permanent residents of Ghana. Preferred areas of study are mathematics, science, technology, engineering, and special education. Applicants for this GNPC Foundation Foreign Scholarship may complete a master's or doctoral degree at an overseas or higher educational institution, but must not have yet researched at the time of application. Applicants offered by universities with no tuition fees are highly preferred.

  1. Toulouse Scholarship

The Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme (TGSS) aims to help Tullow host countries build capacity in areas where the technology gap is not particularly large, especially with respect to the oil and gas industry. This is in line with Tullow's goal of supporting long-term socio-economic development in the countries in which it operates. Tullow Group scholarships are vocational, technical and postgraduate scholarships available to individuals in Tullow operating countries in Africa and South America and are fully managed by the British Council.

Scholarships are offered to those who wish to contribute to the development of their country. This scheme provides candidates with the opportunity to receive high-quality education from local and internationally accredited institutions, which can be applied to the home country of the scholar.

TGSS sponsors candidates from a variety of educational backgrounds through the following programs:

    • International Postgraduate Scholarships (Master and Postgraduate Diploma): Successful applicants to this program will take courses at major international institutions in the UK, Ireland and France to meet the immediate and preferential skills required for oil, gas and support or assistance in the industry. Scholarships are open to specific government or state agency employees and the general public in accordance with system requirements, established rules and standards. The application and selection process is open to transparent and comprehensive standards, reaching people who can contribute to the growth of their country.
    • Tullow Technical Education Scholarship: This aims to increase the accessibility of this plan to individuals in the target community in western Ghana. Candidates who have passed this scholarship program will take a six-month course at the Taco Radi (Ghana) Jubilee Technical Training Center with UK NVQ Level 2 certification through the UK TTE Technical Training.

Candidates applying for this award will be screened and evaluated according to established criteria to be trained in courses including process engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and instrumentation. Sponsorship Awards

    • high school
    • Vocational / Technical Education School
    • Polytechnic with National Diploma or Diploma Certificate
    • Other related professional qualifications
  1. Ghana Scholarship Office

The Ghana Scholarship Secretariat is required to process and award government scholarships for human resource development and growth into organizations under the President's office.

    • Chinese Government Scholarship: Apply for a prize that qualified Ghanaian students can award from the University of China. Scholarships are for master's and doctoral degree programs in the following areas:
      • Health (biochemistry / microbiology, etc.)
      • Science and technology (electronic and electrical engineering, etc.)
      • Agriculture science
      • social science
      • ICT
    • Ghana Scholarship Secretariat – India GIET Institution: Full and partial scholarships offered to qualified Ghanaian students to take undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in the following related programs:
      • Bachelor of Technology Program Bachelor
        • Mining engineering
        • Electrical and electronic engineering
        • Civil engineering
        • Electronic communication engineering
        • Mechanical engineering
        • Automotive engineering
        • Computer Science
        • Petroleum engineering
      • Postgraduate Master Program
        • Computing Science and Engineering
        • Software engineering
        • VLSI and Embedded Systems (ECE)
        • Power system (electric)
        • Computer Assisted Design and Manufacturing – CAD / CAM (MECH)
        • Digital Electronic Communication System (ECE)
        • Structural Engineering (CIVIL)
        • Thermal Engineering (MECH)
      • Master of Business Administration and Master of Computer Applications
        • business management
        • Computer application
      • Pharmacy Program (Bachelor / Doctor of Pharmacy)
      • Master of Pharmacy Program
        • Pharmaceutical analysis
        • Pharmaceutical technology
        • Pharmaceutics
        • Pharmacology
      • Bachelor Degree Program
        • Bachelor of Science-Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science
        • Bachelor of Forensic Science
        • B.Com. (Computer application)
        • Bachelor
        • Management / Management
    • Russian Scholarship: We invite applications from qualified Ghanaians who want to receive a scholarship from a higher education institution in the Russian Federation. The target area is as follows:
      • Undergraduate: General and clinical medicine, nuclear science and technology, nature, engineering and computer science and technology, agriculture and farming and science, architecture, biological sciences, earth science, electronic / wireless engineering and communication and social science.
      • Graduate: clinical medicine (residential training), nuclear energy and technology, natural, engineering and computer science and technology, overland transport technology (railroad, bridge and subway construction), veterinary medicine.
    • Ghanaian Government – ​​Koç University, Turkey Scholarships: For the Ghanaians, scholarships have been proposed to study in a variety of areas at the master's and doctoral levels, including:
      • Law, Social Sciences and Humanities
      • Engineering and basic science
      • Health science
      • Business
    • Mauritius – African Scholarship Program: Full-time scholarships offered to regular Ghanaian students in campus undergraduate studies at the Mauritius Public Higher Education Institution (HEI). The course for taking this scholarship must be taken from one of the following public HEIs:
      • University of Technology, Mauritus (March and August Admissions) – Undergraduate and Graduate
      • Mauritus Training and Development Institute (March and August Admission) – Undergraduate Only
      • Polytechnics Mauritus Ltd. (March and August Admissions) – Undergraduate Only
      • University of Mauritus (August Admission) – Undergraduate and Graduate
      • University Undergraduate (August Admission) – Undergraduate and Graduate
      • Fashion Design Institute (Admission in August) – Undergraduate Only
      • Mauritius Institute (Admission in August) – Undergraduate and Graduate
      • Mahatma Gandhi Institute (Admission in August) – Undergraduate and Graduate
      • Open Mauritius University (admission in August) – Undergraduate and Graduate
      • Rabindranath Tagore Institute (August admissions) – Undergraduate and Graduate
    • Hungarian Government Scholarship: A scholarship that allows Ghanaian students to study in various fields at the undergraduate, master's and doctoral levels in Hungary. Applicants for master's and doctoral programs must complete state services to receive this scholarship.
    • Commonwealth Scholarships & Fellowships: Supported by qualified applicants who can be awarded by UK higher education institutions. The above targets Ghana's men and women with Ghana's intellectual promise, and they are expected to contribute significantly to the achievement of the country's overall development goals returned from the study. The Commonwealth Scholarship is for Master's (1 year) and PhD programs. Scholarships are offered in six development themes and all candidates must apply according to one of the following themes:
      • Science and technology for development
      • Health system and capacity building
      • Promoting Global Prosperity
      • Strengthening Global Peace, Security and Governance
      • Resilience and Crisis Response
      • Access, inclusion, and opportunity
  1. GETFund Scholarship

The Ghana Educational Trust Fund (GETFund) is a public trust that provides funds to supplement the government's efforts to provide educational infrastructure and facilities from tertiary to tertiary within the public sector.

The Ghana Education Trust Fund accepts scholarships for master's programs only. Applicants must submit the following documents to the GETFund manager.

    • Application letter
    • Copy of Letter of Acceptance
    • tariff
    • Copy of resume
    • Copy of certificate of first class
    • Copy of previous transcript
    • Copy of official certificate
  1. Master Card Scholarship

The MasterCard Foundation is an independent foundation based in Toronto, Canada. It is one of the largest private foundations in the world. Working with partner organizations gives you more access to education, technical training and financial services for people living in the poor, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa.

KNUST's Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program provides quality college education for young, academically disadvantaged young people in Ghana and Africa. The Scholars Program will implement a variety of mentoring and cultural transformation services to further strengthen the goals of social and economic change in Africa by ensuring scholars' transition to academic success, community involvement and employment opportunities. Scholarships include:

    • Comprehensive financial support (full tuition fee, full on-campus housing, study materials, transportation and monthly salary).
    • Regular meetings with other scholars focused on personal and professional development opportunities and activities to strengthen social relationships and the capacity of scholars.
    • Ongoing academic support through academic mentoring, virtual learning, life and career coaching, and tutoring.
    • Opportunities to participate in leadership meetings, community service and mentoring, and original internships.
    • A learning environment in which staff and students participate in global issues.
    • Mastercard Foundation The reputation of being part of a growing family of Scholars Alumni and Global Scholars Community.
    • The opportunity to enroll in an accelerated master's degree after completing an undergraduate course at a CF partner institution in the United States.


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