Fortnite Challenge Leaked – How to Complete All Fortnite Season 10, Week 7 Challenges ‘Team Spirit’

Fort Night Season x7 Parking Challenge Guide

Fort Night Season X or Season 10 Next Week Challenge (7 parking) Aritaum. The 7 parking challenge is called “team spirit” and starts tomorrow. As the name suggests, it's important to work with your team / team. Achievements are simple, but you can't complete them by yourself, so get your friends this weekend to complete them.

How to win both Season 10 and 7 parking challenges at Fort Knight

General Challenge Fortnite 10 Season X, 7 Parking:

  • Play match with a friend (0/3) – This is a simple challenge and you only have to play three games with a friend. You don't have to worry about winning or losing. Complete the challenge by playing 3 games with your friends.
  • Elimination Teammates Support (0/5) – This challenge requires the assistance of a team member. You have to help your friend kill other players. Both must shoot the same person beforehand. Because of this, you need to communicate with your partner about who is shooting. This challenge is easy to complete in Team Rumble.
  • Pet Teammate's Pets (0/1) – Very simple challenge, teammate pets with your teammates. Now go behind them and follow the prompts to give your lovable companion a nice hair pat.
  • Heal teammates with Chug Splash in different races (0/3) – Catch Chug Splashes and throw grenades to heal teammates in this challenge. Moving to a named area with lots of boxes gives you more chances to find this item. When you get a Chug Splash, run to your allies and wait for damage before throwing a cure.
  • Uncommon, Rare and Epic Item Display (0/1) – The only thing you need to do to fix this is to ping uncommon (green), rare (blue), and legendary (purple) items. It doesn't matter what it is. So even if you plan to pick up, just ping the first item of each scarcity.
  • Combat Damage with a Squad or Duo (0/1000) – Another simple challenge you can accomplish by playing a game with your teammates is you and your teammates dealing a total of 1,000 damage.
  • Resurrect your teammates in different matches (0/3) – Another simple challenge is to complete the challenge as long as you revive your teammates in other matches.

Prestige Challenge Fort Knight 10 Season X, 7 Parking:

  • Achieve Top 20 with Friends (0/3) – Another simple challenge is to complete the top 20 by hiding or avoiding battles away from high-traffic areas such as Tilted Town.
  • Support your teammates by eliminating one match (0/5) – A tricky task requires 5 kills in a single match. This can be achieved by playing Team Rumble. Stick to the squad during the game and call out the person you are shooting.
  • Using the Launchpad on Squads or Duos (0/1) – Find and use the launchpad.
  • Treat your teammates with cozy campfires in other matches (0/3) – Another challenge that requires luck, the challenge itself is not difficult, but finding the cozy campfire is the hardest part. The best place to complete this challenge is the Viking Village. If not, you will need to find the campfire items by looting. Either way, check the team for damage before lighting up.
  • Mark your chest, shield items, and healing items in a single match (0/1) – you must use Foirtnite's in-game ping system for this challenge
  • Deal with squads or duos in one match (0/1000) – this is one of the most demanding challenges in Parking 7, to deal a total of 1,000 damage to a team of duos or squads to complete this challenge. Do it in the easiest squad.
  • Reboot Team Member (0/1) – Challenge Similar to the challenge, use a reboot van to rejuvenate your teammates.
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