Floodwaters rise on Carolina’s streets as Hurricane Dorian hits US

Dorian devastates the Bahamas, kills at least 20 people, and then whispers Carolina through rain and raging winds.

Members of the Charleston Fire Department clean up fallen trees in a hurricane dorian in Charleston, South Carolina, USA on September 5, 2019.

Members of the Charleston Fire Department clean up fallen trees in a hurricane dorian in Charleston, South Carolina, USA on September 5, 2019.

After Hurricane Dorian reduced some of the Bahamas to rubble, Hurricane Dorian swung tens of miles off the coast, leaving Charleston, South Carolina's deserted streets under water.

Centuries ago, a few inches deep near the water's edge.

In some lowlands, the high tide came closer and ascended more than one foot as predictors warned of storm surges of up to two meters.

Officials said Thursday it rained more than 18 cm in Charleston.

Dorian was about 80 km from Charleston on Thursday and was strong between categories 2 and 3 on a five-stage Saffir-Simpson anemometer. It was expected to land in North Carolina late Thursday or Friday.

According to the National Weather Service, life-threatening storm surges and dangerous winds can occur in most parts of South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia.

Dorian whipped at least three tornadoes in the area. A North Carolina person damaged several trailers at an emerald island campsite, but no one was hurt, according to North Carolina News & Observer.

The governor of the region was seriously calling for emergencies, school closures, shelters, guards, and residents' warnings as fresh images of the devastation caused by the storm in Bahamas earlier this week spread throughout the media.

At least 70,000 Bahamas needed immediate humanitarian relief shortly after Dorian became the biggest storm to hit the island.

In Carolina alone, over 900,000 people were ordered to evacuate their homes.

It was unclear how many people were.

At Kill Devil Hills, on the outskirts of North Carolina, Mark Jennings decided to put a bag of sand on the garage door, load the house with plywood and ignore the order.

The retired firefighter planned to be with his wife and two dogs. "We are ready to go. You can still get out of here if something happens."

At least four people died in the United States

At least four storm-related deaths have already been reported. According to the Orange County Mayor's Office, three people were killed in Orange County, Florida during storm preparation or evacuation.

In North Carolina, the governor said an 85-year-old man fell off the ladder, barring a house for Dorian.

According to a local electricity company, more than 210,000 homes and businesses in South Carolina and Georgia were not powered on Thursday.

On Charleston's historic South Battery Street, which descends to the harbor, Bryce Stephens tried to keep a southern-style house, wrapped in a veranda that attracts tourists from the city, away from the water.

He and his family tried to pump water from the yard and reattach the metal flood gates to the surrounding walls.

Stevens said, “Gate has worked pretty well so far and has dropped water away from home. "But we will have another storm surge later on, so we will see if it will continue."

Source: Reuters

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