Family of Kashmiri teenager alleges he committed suicide after being beaten by Indian army – World

A teenager's family in Pulwama, in occupied Kashmir, claimed that Yawar Ahmad Butt, 15, had committed suicide after he was allegedly beaten by soldiers in an Indian army camp, an Indian publication. The wire reported Sunday.

The army has refuted the accusations.

According to the publication, Bhat's relatives said the teenager was traumatized by the experience of being "arrested and beaten" by the Indian army, after which he consumed poison on September 17.

The family said that Bhat was picked up from a camp in the village of Tahab where a grenade attack had allegedly occurred, The wire reported.

Following the decision of the Indian government to strip Kashmir of its autonomy, people have accused the Indian security forces of carrying out beatings and torture.

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In August, BBC news I heard several villagers who said they were hit with sticks and cables and received electric shocks. A security blockade and a communications blackout imposed in the region has now entered its 49th day.

The wire the teenager's sister said: "[Yawar] He was picked up by the forces of the same camp on Tuesday. His card I had also been taken before he was released hours later. "

"The same afternoon [Tuesday] He confided to me that "I was beaten by the army." But he did not talk about the incident to our parents or any other family member, "the publication reported, citing Saima.

She claimed that her brother was "very upset" about the incident and consumed poison later that night.

In addition, Bhat's cousin said he was rushed to a hospital and doctors did a stomach wash, but his condition had deteriorated.

According to The wire, the deceased teenager was taken to Srinagar Shri Maharaja Hari Singh Hospital, where he died after two days.

Indian express He added that Bhat's medical records from a Pulwama hospital had mentioned an "alleged" case of "rat poison."

Pulwama Police Superintendent Chandan Kohli said that the police had initiated a case investigation procedure under Section 174 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of India (CrPC).

"It's a case of suicide" The wire He quoted him as saying, adding that the police had discussed the matter with the army that denied the incident.

While The wire He cited an official of the district administration, who wished to remain anonymous, saying that the police intended to investigate allegations that Bhat had been beaten by the army, an army spokesman called them "unfounded."

"The army did not stop him or torture him," he said.



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