Facebook, Microsoft launch contest to detect deepfake videos

Social media giants want to invest $ 10 million in the "Deepfake Detection Challenge" to facilitate detection research.

Facebook, who celebrated his 15th birthday, had to confront the global Cambridge Ana Katika scandal in March 2018.

Facebook, who celebrated his 15th birthday, had to confront the global Cambridge Ana Katika scandal in March 2018.
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Facebook Inc has partnered with Microsoft Corp, an artificial intelligence alliance and academic partnership from several universities, to launch a contest for deep fake detection, said in a blog post Thursday.

Social Media Giants Make $ 10 Million
"Deepfake Detection Challenge" Aiming at Spurs
Research. As part of the project, Facebook commissioned
Researcher creating realistic deep fakes to build data set
For testing detection tools.

The company said the video will be released
In December, paid actors appear, with no user data.
Are utilized.

When the US presidential election in November
In 2020, social platforms are under pressure to cope with the threat of deep fakes using artificial intelligence.
Surreal video that looks like a person speaks or acts
What they did not.

There was no well-made deep fake video
Major Political Results and Potential in the United States
Recent demonstrations of confused manipulated video
Manually with the clip "cheapfake" by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
It slowed down to make her speech seem silly.

August Democratic National Committee
Threats to deep fake video by creating one of your own videos
President Tom Perez to create an audience at the Hacker Convention
Def Con thinks that Perez actually used Skype for the meeting.

"They lower the bar of the desired opponent (even fake)
Matt Turek, who runs DARPA, said:
Media Forensic Program.

Cat games & # 39;

Some researchers are working to certify the system.
Video or image at capture point through digital
Water marking. But the rapid development of deep fake technology
Weapons competition between deep fake creators and those who try
Detect video.

“It's a cat game. When designing detection
Deep fake, gives attackers a new discriminator to test
"The side professor of that side
Computer Engineering at Tandon School of New York University.

This technology is becoming more accessible
Creator lacking skills. Last week, a Chinese app called Zhao
Users can certainly transform their faces into movie stars.
Soared to the top of the country app store
Resisted on privacy issues.

Some online deep fake creators
Easy to make deep fake market. Machine learning
Lovers based in the country from Poland to Japan
Easy access for people to custom deep fakes. they
Step-by-step YouTube tutorial upload, $ 30 for $ 50
AI-based trump voice impersonation and running
Self-service website that causes deep fake.

The Deepfake Detection Challenge is not the first time.
Facebook currently has no specific policy
For deep fake videos

Adam Schiff calls for chairman of the House of Representatives
Facebook, Twitter Inc and Alphabet Inc in July
Google owns YouTube
Resolve deep fakes. Facebook said it is spending $ 7.5 million
University of California, Berkeley Team
In response to the threat, the University of Maryland and Cornell

One of these teams run by UC Berkeley Hany Farid
We are building a & # 39; soft biometric model that leads real politicians.
Facial nerds from eyebrows of Senator Bernie Sanders,
Senator Elizabeth Warren's Head Rotates
It's a fake.

New Contest with Facebook
Researcher, Cornell Tech scholar at MIT,
University of Maryland, UC Berkeley, Oxford University,
University Park and University of Albany-SUNY.

Schiff said in a statement Thursday.
"Promising step."

Source: Reuters

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