EU to discuss Kashmir on Sept 2: FM – Pakistan

UMERKOT: Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, who addressed members of the Hindu community in the Shiv Temple here on Saturday, said the non-Muslim meeting in solidarity with his Kashmir brothers made a stark contrast to the dystopian vision of the Modi government.

"This public meeting is not of a political nature, but it has given a clear message to the Modi fascist government that the Hindus and other non-Muslims in Pakistan express solidarity with the cashmere," Qureshi said in rejecting media reports that Pakistan was trying to negotiate with India.

No amount of oppression in Kashmir, controlled by India, could suppress the voice of cashmere who had been living under curfew for several weeks, he said, adding that India had tried in vain to prevent the European Union from accepting the request from Pakistan to have a discussion on the subject. Kashmir problem on September 2.

The next day, people would gather in large numbers at London's Hyde Park to meet with the Indian High Commission, human rights activists and British parliamentarians on the issue of Kashmir, he said, adding that he would soon go to Geneva to present the case of Kashmir there.

He says that Hindus and other non-Muslims in Pakistan come together to thwart Modi's evil designs

And the world would see when Prime Minister Imran Khan would present the Kashmir case at the annual United Nations meeting on September 27, he said.

FM Qureshi told the people of Umerkot that he had come to the border district with India by order of the prime minister that he could not visit Sindh because of his pressing commitments in Islamabad.

The Umerkot and Tharparkar districts of Sindh have a majority-Hindu population that lives near the Indian border.

"The meeting has conveyed a strong message to Modi and Jai Shankar that you cannot stand in front of the people of Kashmir, but here the Pakistani Foreign Minister has been standing with the Hindus," he said.

He said that the Indian government had prevented the cashmere from offering prayers, but in Pakistan all non-Muslims were free to go to their places of worship. “You have abandoned mosques there, but the temples are highly respected here. [in Pakistan]. "

He said he had come to the district with a message of humanity, brotherhood and interfaith harmony.

The curfew has been imposed in Kashmir, controlled by India, for the past 26 days, without access to medicines, food and other essential products. "Even the elected representatives of India have not been allowed to enter Kashmir," because Modi wanted to cover up the grave human rights violations in the valley withheld.

"Religious freedom in Pakistan is protected by the Constitution, but the cashmere of the retained valley have been deprived of this right by the Indian government," he said, adding that the philosophy of Nehru and Gandhi was buried and replaced by the RSS in the India.

FM Qureshi said the Indian government had also banned international media and human rights organizations that intended to visit the retained valley, but Pakistan invited them to visit Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

He said that Pakistan had been protecting the rights of Hindus and other non-Muslim communities and that the practice would continue, since not only the government but the country's Muslim population also fully realized their responsibilities.

He condemned the Indian media propaganda on the basis of a BBC history that Pakistan was trying to negotiate. "No, not at all," he said, adding that each brick would be answered with stones.

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In an interview with BBCQureshi said that Pakistan had never opposed holding talks about Kashmir, but with the curfew in Kashmir in India, people fighting for their lives, rampant incidents of group rape and detention, did not see India interested in the dialogue . He was quoted as saying that the talks could take place if India "lifts the crippling curfew that has been imposed on occupied Kashmir for almost four weeks, restores the rights of local residents, frees all of Kashmir's leadership incarcerated and allows (Qureshi) to meet with the leadership of Kashmir. "

Addressing the meeting in Umerkot, the Foreign Minister said the nation was united and would frustrate the evil designs and hidden motives of the Modi government. He suggested that the Indian Prime Minister listen to Nehru's speeches, which were part of Lok Sabha's record. He reminded him that India had promised to protect the right of self-determination of cashmere.

"The cashmere are oppressed but not weak," he said.

"Today, standing near the Indian border, together with the Hindu community, we warn the Modi government that the entire nation is united and can protect the stability and sovereignty of the country," he said, and announced that a signing campaign would soon be launched. Against curfew.

To pay tribute to the mothers and daughters who had lost their sons and brothers, FM Qureshi said that when the nation joined the bullets, the guns shut up. "When the Berlin wall can be demolished, why this cruelty wall cannot be demolished," he said.

Jai Parkash Lohana said that eight million cashmere had been oppressed by the Indian government.

PTI legislator Lalchand Malhi said this was a unique public meeting organized by the Hindu community to respond to the actions of the Modi government. "The Hindus of Pakistan support the cashmere, because it is a message from Shiv to support the oppressed. Changes in [Indian] the constitution is considered to be attacking the integral part of Pakistan, ”he said, adding that they took pride in the fact that their elders had not emigrated to India.

Sindh PTI president Haleem Adil Shaikh said Modi's mentality had always been involved in the genocide of Sikhs and Muslims in India. He said that in 1984 more than 3,000 soldiers were sent to Jalistan and the blue star operation began, where 30,000 Sikhs were killed. In 1990, more than 90,000 Sikhs were killed. In addition, 10,000 Muslims were killed in Assam, when they raised their voices for rights. During his rule in Gujarat, Modi killed 2,500 Muslims, as even the children were forced to drink gasoline and burned alive, he said.

Former Prime Minister Arbab Ghulam Rahim also spoke.

Posted on Dawn, September 1, 2019



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