Equinor wind project to rank among largest offshore developments in world as wind investment soars

According to an analysis by energy research and consulting firm Rystad Energy, Equinor's offshore wind projects in the Dogger Bank region of the North Sea of ​​the United Kingdom will be one of the world's largest offshore development projects planned by 2026.

The Dogger Bank project, which Rystad Energy is expected to rank as the sixth largest offshore development project during this period, is Equinor's largest project by 2026, with a capital investment of $ 11 billion in 2020.

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Norwegian energy company Equinor is trying to be the world's largest offshore wind operator and spending a lot of money to get there. In July, the company awarded an additional $ 3 billion in potential investments involving 80 major wind turbines on the New York coast. And four other projects with a total capacity of 7.4 gigawatts will be sanctioned in the 2020s.

Audun Martinsen, director of research for oilfield services at Rystad Energy, said, “The inflow of billions of dollars of offshore wind contracts will be welcomed as open arms for offshore contractors.” "A lot of difficulties are expected given the uncertain prospects for offshore oil and gas development."

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