Does Oculus Link allow quests to completely replace Rift S?

Oculus Link, quest improvements for 2019

Oculus has announced a USB-C cable and an important software update that will transform the quest into a VR headset that behaves like the company's premium Rift S headmount goggles.

A year ago when the quest was unveiled on Facebook's Oculus Connect, the midrange headset promised a powerful standalone experience that would allow users to escape code entanglement or the requirements of a competent PC, but quest owners had to rely on a separate stand library. VR title. But when Oculus Link lands, the quest owner mostly Titles developed for Rift and Rift S — Facebook employees could not reveal why certain titles do not work.

Connect a USB-C 3.0 cable that can't be a slow USB 2.0 cable to your headset and you'll experience the latest Rift games such as: Storm land Title released at Oculus Connect 6 this year. Similar Fort knight In VR, Stormland looked great when previewed in Rift S. Entered the Oculus Link demo, but worried that Quest's anemic smartphone-based hardware could limit the game's potential when the headset is tied to a USB-C cable. , I unfortunately turned out to be wrong, and the game was excellent.

Storm through Stormland

The demo used advanced internal features in the Talon 20th Anniversary Edition of Falcon Northwest, and felt as smooth on the Rift S as on the quest. The quest is clearly visible in the quest, even if it's in the middle range of the Facebook Oculus lineup, as it has a higher 1,440 x 1600 pixel per eye resolution compared to Rift S's 1,280 x 1,440 eye resolution.

In fact, the overall experience was comparable to the better Rift S and did not tolerate delays, stutters or tearing of the screen. Quest's AMOLED screen was a big plus for showing the jungle environment and the vibrant colors of vivid black tones.

There was a slight screen door effect on the Rift S, but it wasn't clear unless it was specifically focused on pixelating detection. The Rift S has a high refresh rate designed to alleviate motion sickness, but even when you're wandering around faster parts of the game, you're not sick of motion sickness or screen tearing. When playing Storm land In Quest with Link, Oculus staff said the game's refresh rate would be limited to what Quest can display.

Oakleaf Link, Falcon's Northwest Claw Converts Cables from Better Reef

Basically you need a Link (less than $ 100 USB-C cable to connect), but if you want to go outside the brand, you can also provide the cable yourself. Facebook made a better Oculus Rift S in the quest. As in Rift S, you can experience a similar immersive game experience in Quest's VR, but you can take advantage of the quest's high-resolution display.

Facebook argued that VR wearers have enough cords and want to provide their own fiber-optic USB-C cable to allow the cable itself to be comfortable and flexible for use in long virtual world exploration sessions.

The oculus link, along with the Falcon NW, transforms a better leaf lens.

Given that everything is running on pre-production software, the details are still lacking, but I've heard that USB-C cables can be plugged directly into slots on the graphics card or into the motherboard. The demo staff said that part of the game rendering is done on the quest itself and the rest is done on the PC, but it can't provide details about what is basically processed or rendered on the headset.

In the opinion of the staff, the USB-C cable is not just a display cable, but the hardware of the headset still does some work. In addition, the demo staff could not determine if Virtual Link support was required on request.

There was no performance problem in that Link was running on a powerful PC from boutique manufacturer Falcon Northwest. However, at this point it is not clear how the performance scales on a lower level system when the software update that comes with Link starts.

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