Director's Cut: Filmmakers choose the best film of the century so far | film

Barry Jenkins

Silent Light (2007)
The purest movie. Thinking about it, it's the same feeling you got when you first saw your credit 10 years ago. (I wonder how many other movies are on this list at the Cannes Film Festival in 2007. It was an amazing year for movies.)

Andrew Haig

Uzark (2002)
It is a soft and profound merciful film, one of the best films about loneliness. I always think about it.

Hirokazu Koreda

Secret Sunshine (2007)
Lee Chang-dong's deep insight into human nature is reflected in the film.

Joanna Hog

Margaret (2011)
An epic story about a teenager in New York facing a complex moral dilemma in the shadow of 9/11. It sounds in a multifaceted way, refusing to simplify or obey an important story that emotionally enhances truthfulness. When I see a movie, I think that when we see it, we react subjectively to how, when, and in what mood. I saw Margaret project one night in 2011 in The Rex Berkhamsted under perfect conditions with an open mind and heart. Watching a movie like Margaret in a beautiful movie theater would be a thing of the past. You need to do what you can to keep the cinema alive.

Mike Lee

Death of Rajarescu (2005)
An exemplary low-budget masterpiece for a sick old man driven from hospital to hospital in the middle of the night. honest. right away. real. moving. animation. disastrous.

Brad Pitt from the Tree of Life.

Brad Pitt from the Tree of Life. Photo: Allstar / ICON FILM DISTRIBUTION / Sportsphoto Ltd./Allstar

Richard Wrinkleter

Tree of Life (2011)
Vast ambition and grace of meditation. It can be an intimate memory movie taking on the concept of all beings. And I like the way it confuses and challenges the perception itself.

Kenneth Lawrence

Conversation with her (2002)
The best part is indistinguishable, but the one that keeps coming up is Pedro Almodovar's Talk To Her. How does he move this story so freely? How does he connect these strange and lovely characters with each other, music and dance performances, sleeping beauty, quiet movies, loneliness, innocence, fetishism, and red color?

Lucresia Martel

Familia Sumergida (Family Locked) (2018)
Because in the family conversation it represents eternal life.

Steve McQueen

Cafe Lumiere (2003)
Movie you do not know.

Joshua Off Pen Haimer

You can't name one movie yourself than another. Can you convey love and offer this?

Unknown code (2000)
Dog Tooth (2009)

Happy with Lazaro (2018)

Import and Export (2007)

Nobody Knows (2004)

Sorry. There is very little practice for naming your favorites.

La sloe nemes

Oneyu Cutoff (2010)
When composing his first feature film in 2011, he saw Meek & # 39; s Cutoff in Paris. Traditional cinema projection is already dead, but the film was screened at 35mm and was beautiful and hypnotized. I remember this profound impression on me with a maze-like experience, a humanist perspective, unanswered questions about small scale, humanity, barbarism, civilization against a huge Western background. For me, this is what the film can achieve even after the age of "master" (but affected by it).

Leonardo DiCaprio on Wolf in Wall Street

Leonardo DiCaprio Photo on Wolf in Wall Street Photography: Allstar

Trey Parker and Matt Stone

Mad Max: Road of Fury (2015)
We love everything George Miller has done, and Fury Road will do its best until the next movie.

Powell Paulikov

I have a real problem. There is not one My favorite movie. I loved the same
Rashinaga (2001)
Death of Rajarescu (2005)
You, Life (2007)
Silent Light (2007)
Once Upon A Time in Anatolia (2011)
Snake Grace (2016)

They took me to a place I've never seen before.

Sarah Foley

Hidden Life (2019)
Seeing a hidden life was an innovative experience for me. Convene a weapon.

Paolo Sorentino

Wall Street Wolf (2013)
The best comedy is that the drama of modern humanity seeks meaning and power in itself, but it becomes a prisoner like that and gets trapped. In addition, the lessons of style and imagination are what every director wants.

Who lived

THEO lived. Photos: Everett Collection Inc / Alamy

Michael Winter Bottom

Theo lived (2016)
I think choosing 10 or 10 lists is a pointless task. I do not really like movies. There are a lot of movies I like. If you ask what movie you want to watch again in the last 20 years The beat my heart beats Jacques Audiard or City of god Fernando Maryles But the point of the list is to encourage people to watch movies that they haven't seen. Theo lived (2016) – It tells an amazing story, not the movie itself.



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