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Democrats launch formal Trump impeachment inquiry

Washington DC .: Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday that he began an official impeachment investigation against Donald Trump. He announced that he had betrayed his oath by seeking help from foreign forces to hurt Democrat rival Joe Biden.

The dramatic move, the first step in a complex process that is unlikely to drive Trump out of the office, led American politics to a dangerous new chapter 14 months before a new election to control the White House and Congress.

After addressing the UN General Assembly, the president accused him of “moon hunt garbage” following the bombing of the Trump Tower in New York, claiming it would help with the possibility of re-election in 2020.

Pelosi said, “Trump's inauguration revealed the infamous fact of the president's oath, the betrayal of national security, and the betrayal of the election.

"So today I announce the House of Representatives through a formal impeachment investigation."

House Speaker Pelosi and other Democratic leaders have not stepped in months, preferring to focus on the upcoming elections.

But new claims that Trump helped Ukraine to help damage the Democratic White House leader, Widen, and support for impeachment were balanced between party ranks and files.

“The president is responsible. Nobody is above the law, ”she said.

'President Harassment!'

The crackdown on impeachment sought to put pressure on Trump's next president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, to pressure Biden and Hunter's son, Hunter, who did business in Eastern European countries. Was triggered by a scandal on attempts.

On 25 July, a still-secret whistle-blower complaint centered on a Trump phone call with Zelensky caused a confrontation.

To avoid the coming impeachment threat, Tuesday Trump announced that it would release a record of the call on Tuesday.

“It was a very nice and totally suitable phone. Unlike Joe Biden and his son, there was no pressure and I didn't stop! ”

The live news channel played Pelosi's speech on TV through the Trump Tower's lobby bar. The Trump Tower withdrew Tuesday afternoon after a fierce day by UN diplomacy.

"President Harassment," he later revealed on Twitter.

“A significant day in the United Nations, with a lot of work and success, the Democrats had to intentionally throw away the worse news, the Witch Hunting Garbage, spoil and blame it.

Trump admitted discussing Zelensky and Biden, but refused to give Kiev hundreds of millions of dollars to investigate the former US vice president.

On Tuesday, US leaders froze aid to Ukraine, but said they forced the European allies to strengthen their support for the Zelensky government.

Viden bag impeach

Trump's decision to release the report cards was too small to calm the Democrats. Democrats have filed the release of the White House to Congress to demand further complaints from accusers inside the information society.

Lawyers representing whistleblowers said in a statement Tuesday that they had made a decision to resolve the whistleblower complaints but did not give details.

The Democrats also wanted more documents and testimony on other investigations of Trump, allegedly interfered with justice, illegally benefited from their stand as US leaders, and crashed in asserting other abuses with Russia.

Washington Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff said that while establishing more Washington dramas, unidentified whistleblowers who are expected to work in one of the US government's numerous intelligence agencies could testify to the House Intelligence Committee soon.

New York Times On Tuesday, intelligence and White House officials reported that whistleblowers were making a deal to meet Congressional investigators.

After several weeks of delay, Biden declared support for the impeachment investigation on Tuesday.

Biden said in a press conference that "if he continues to hinder Congress and show off the law, Donald Trump has no choice but to start impeachment on my part."

"It's a tragedy, but it's probably a tragedy you've made."

A dangerous process

Starting an impeachment investigation is a politically dangerous act, just as both parties begin to prepare for next year's elections.

Since a formal investigation has been made, the commission is usually tasked with collecting evidence to support the case against the president.

If there is enough evidence, the commission prepares an impeachment article (official charges against the president) to vote for the whole house. They can pass by a simple majority.

There, the majority of Republicans will go to the Senate to stop the president's official trial. If the trial is held, the conviction will require a two-thirds vote of the Senate, leading to the president's eviction.

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