Crazy hotel you can choose to stay all over the world

Accommodation and air tickets are two of the most important during your trip. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right accommodation when visiting a new country or any place. And most people decide the place based on factors like convenience, price and facilities provided, but what if the hostel itself can provide a great and complete experience?

Yes, read it well. Most hotels will offer existing hotel facilities, but there are some great places that go beyond the existing ones even if you don't remember the hotel name after a few years. From UFO-style rooms to mushrooms in the woods, there are some really crazy hotel ideas that will make your hotel even more enjoyable and fun. In this article we have compiled a list of 6 hotels around the world. Let's check without worrying anymore!

Books and Beds (Tokyo, Japan)

If you love books and dreams have always fallen asleep in a book-filled place, Book and bed It will be where you are headed. Located in Tokyo, this hotel has a wide variety of books, and in this cozy little place you can relax and read as many books as you want before you fall asleep! The cost of staying at this hotel is about $ 40 per night.

Norrqvarn Hotell and Konferens (Sweden Lister Start)

If you are a forest lover and always want to stay in a tree house, this mushroom style hotel might be what you are looking for. Located in Lysterstad, Sweden, this place has a red mushroom-shaped room. Or if you're not really a mushroom lover, you can opt for an old old wooden slump!

Shilo Stay (Christ Church, New Zealand)

No, crazy accommodation in New Zealand doesn't always mean a hobbit house! There are other nice hotels too. have Silo stay E.g. This place was actually a grain storage facility before it turned into a nice hotel and now people are not enough to stay there! Next time you come to New Zealand you will want to stay in this eco-friendly place.


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