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Court permits Zardari to have AC if recommended by medical officer – Pakistan

Court permits Zardari to have AC if recommended by medical officer - Pakistan

An accountability court in Islamabad on Friday submitted the provision of an air conditioner for former President Asif Ali Zardari, who is under arrest in the case of false accounts and seeks better facilities in jail, for the approval of an officer doctor.

Judge Mohammad Bashir ordered Zardari to approach a medical officer and ordered the authorities to allow an air conditioner in the jail cell if the doctor recommended it.

The judge, while listening to a petition of contempt of court against the denial of air conditioning to the former president in prison, commented that the law is not a piece of decoration to exhibit and questioned why the authorities are not providing an air conditioner to the former president, if the law allows them to do so.

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During the case hearing, Zardari's lawyer argued that his client was a heart patient and that seven stents had already been placed in his body.

Zardari faces multiple queries related to the case of fake bank accounts. According to a NAB report submitted to the IHC earlier this year, Zardari faces at least eight consultations.

The case of fake bank accounts involves an alleged money laundering worth Rs. Billion through 29 accounts, which were open at three banks: Summit Bank, Sindh Bank and United Bank Ltd.

The Federal Investigation Agency appointed PPP leaders Asif Ali Zardari, his brother Faryal Talpur, the president of the Omni Anwar Majeed Group, their children and more than 10 others as suspects in a provisional charges sheet filed in a bank court in August of last year.

The case was transferred from the Karachi bank court to the Rawalpindi accountability court for trial in March this year.

The National Office of Responsibility (NAB) had arrested the former president on June 10 after the cancellation of his bail prior to arrest by the Islamabad High Court.

In early August, the same judge had rejected a request to provide "A" class facilities to Zardari at the expense of the state. However, the court granted approval to install or bring various amenities to use in your cell in your own pocket.

According to the ruling issued on August 20, the former president was allowed to keep a refrigerator, an air conditioner, internet connection and a personal assistant in his cell.

The prison administration had previously informed the accountability court that they had forwarded their order to the secretary of the household and was awaiting a response from the household department.

Source: https://www.dawn.com/news/1505002/court-permits-zardari-to-have-ac-if-recommended-by-medical-officer



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