Court orders not being followed in Zardari case: lawyer – Pakistan

RAWALPINDI: Sardar Latif Khosa, former governor of Punjab and lawyer for PPP leader Asif Ali Zardari, lamented on Monday that, despite court orders, the former president was not provided with air conditioning, refrigerator and personal assistant facilities in the jail.

Aseefa Bhutto-Zardari, Sardar Khosa, Shahbaz Khosa and Shazia Khosa met Monday with the former president in Adiala iail.

At a press conference in Islamabad, Sardar Khosa warned the government that if something happened to Zardari in prison, the PPP would take action against the PTI government and punish him like never before.

Media coordinator Nazir Dhoki accompanied him during the press conference.

Khosa said Zardari's life was in danger because he needed medical facilities, but the government was denying those.

Khosa warns that legal action will be taken against the government if something happens to the former president

“The government does not provide air conditioning, refrigerator and personal assistant despite the court order. This type of treatment does not apply even in the dictatorship, ”he said. He added that the situation was so serious that the assistant commissioners said they were defenseless and could not organize a meeting of lawyers with the former president.

"Every day, the National Office of Responsibility (NAB) delivers a & # 39; love letter & # 39; to the former president and asks for answers to some questions, but does not provide the basic facilities required by a patient and the court has orders clear about it, "said Mr. Khosa. additional. He said Mr. Zardari had been in NAB custody for 68 days and then was transferred to prison.

He said that Zardari was a former president and member of the National Assembly and had the right to have a refrigerator in his room to store medications and a 24-hour assistant.

He said a heart specialist was aware that it could be dangerous if Mr. Zardari was not given an air conditioner and that a medical board of five doctors had advised him to keep him in the hospital for treatment, but only They took for a day.

Khosa categorically denied media reports that Zardari had agreed to return any money.

“That was a false and invented news. We don't have badly earned money, so the question does not arise, ”said Mr. Khosa. He added that political victimization was evident because there was no case.

Previously, Ms. Bhutto-Zardari was not allowed to meet her father at the Institute of Medical Sciences of Pakistan and the former president was transferred to the Adiala prison. He claimed that three of his father's arteries were completely blocked and that he also suffered serious spinal problems and other ailments.

Posted on Dawn, September 3, 2019



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