Cocktail of the Week: Crazy Pedro & # 39; s Pedro and the Prinny | Good mixer | food

Long and refreshing, this combines our favorite – mezcal – and the current spirit for many guests: pink jean. But it actually works with all the jeans.

1 serving
Pink Jean 30ml – Use Beefeater Pink (or regular gin)
Scalpel 20ml – We use Koch el Mezcal Espadin
Vanilla Syrup 10ml – Types to put in the coffee bar (we use Monin)
Almond Syrup 10ml – Again, the kind you get at a coffee bar (we use Monin Orgeat)
20 ml Lemon juice
San Pellegrino Aranci Atta Rosa
, To the top
Lime wheel and strawberry sweet, To decorate – we use Haribo Giant Strawb

Gin and scalpel knives with syrup and lemon juice, cover with ice, seal and shake as much as possible for about 10 seconds.

Relax in a tall glass on ice, top with a bloody orange and finish with a thin lime wheel and strawberry sweet.

Adam Wilson, Crazy Pedro & # 39; s, Manchester



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