COAS praises Army, LEAs for Balochistan peace

General ISLAMABAD-Army Chief of Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa thanked the Army and other law enforcement agencies (LEA) for their efforts to maintain the law and order status of the Balochistan province and to facilitate the completion of ongoing projects.

According to a press release from the ISPR board, Camar Jab Baj and General visited Quetta's Southern Command Friday.

The Army Chief of Staff was deliberated on the progress of the ongoing project as part of the Khushal Balochistan program. He thanked the Army and other law enforcement agencies (LEAs) for maintaining law and order in the state to facilitate project completion.

After that, along with Jam Kamal Khan and Bamlostan chiefs, the army representative opened a newly established NUST campus in Quetta in two years and eight months, announced by COAS in 2017.

In the first batch, 550 students will take BE courses in Computer Engineering Civil Engineering. Master's programs include water engineering management, tunneling / mining engineering, and computer and coalition science programs.

The army officer also spoke to students of various educational institutions in Balochistan. He thanked Balochistan's talented young people and urged their students to make themselves available for other opportunities. He said Pakistan is undergoing an evolutionary process of peace and stability on a positive track.

Baz and General said that young people in this country should continue to work in the right direction with national cohesion to achieve individual and collective excellence.

The Army Chief of Staff emphasized a synergistic approach to combating future challenges in all sectors of Pakistani society.


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