Classmates of Hunain burn school – Pakistan

LAHORE: A public order situation was reported in Gulshan-i-Ravi on Friday night when several accused students set fire to private school following the death of their colleague who was tortured to death by the teacher of school.

According to initial reports, several people, mostly students of the American Lycetuff School, suddenly appeared there carrying bottles of gasoline.

They threw bottles of gasoline at the branch of the school, where the tenth-class student Hunain Bilal was allegedly tortured to death by his teacher Mohammad Kamran and set him on fire.

The heavy police contingent was sent immediately, while firefighters also rushed to the site.

The SP of the Iqbal City Division, Mohammad Ajmal, said police handled the situation and arrested some of the attackers with their hands in the mass.

He said that most of the students at the same school were among those who destroyed the school building on Friday night. However, Rescue 1122 firefighters acted on time and reduced the fire.

He said the fire was controlled before spreading throughout the building. Only a few rooms were damaged.

He said the police were trying to discover the criminals who caused the underage students to commit that crime.

Police deployment intensified outside the school building to avoid adverse incidents.

"The protesters have dispersed due to the timely response of the police," said the SP. Police arrested the school teacher shortly after he beat and tortured Hunain.

Posted in Dawn, September 7, 2019



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