Ciara proves she still has the ‘Goodies’ at Houston show

Has it been 15 years since you first met Ciara?

Born in Austin for a military family, the singer and dancer placed her at the intersection of Janet Jackson and Aaliyah at the age of 18, when "Goodies" won the Billboard Hot 100 for seven weeks.

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After 10 years, Ciara still got something good. Now 33 years old, she performed for a lively crowd at the House of Blues as part of a Tuesday beauty house tour. Named after the seventh studio album released this year with his label.

The 75-minute set includes several songs from "Beauty Marks", but has been lifted by Ciara's wacky and bouncy hits. She was full of eight dancers and huge letters named after her on every part of the stage. Fans often danced on their shoulders.

She staged the single "Dose" in 2018. With the third song, she was already sweating and glittering. Later, she went in Red and black latex that fits the form.

Every song was a new energy explosion. With a small touch, she compensated for the lack of production of stadium size. "Goodies" sunglasses set while soaring. Red light bar during "ride". a Dance break Megan Thee Stallion's "Big Ole Freak" "Tooth Roll" (Left, left …)

The atmospheric ballad "Promise" gave Ciara a short solo moment before joining the dancers again. Fans were particularly fascinated by the slow jam medleys including "And I", "Sorry" and "I Bet".

Ciara is, of course, a charismatic dancer. But she is also a flexible vocal. She makes full use of her range without exaggerating running and drawing emotions from minor whispers.

"Girl Gang" boasted the same choreography as "Rhythm Nation". Sex play in "Like a Boy" is still one of the highlights of her catalog. "Thinkin Bout You" is a big hit.

She invited male fans on stage "like a surgeon" to the stage. As Ciara and a pair of dancers grabbed him, he laid his back flat. He was shocked when he left the stage.

Ciara ended with a pair of songs that contrasted her arrival with the current sound with arrival "1, 2 Step" and "Level Up". Crunk & B or Jersey Club-still addictive sound.

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